Website design tips on how to build a productive website.

More small businesses are realizing that owning a website for your online business is a necessity. Consumers, businesses and buyers all use the web to buy products and services and to research those purchases they will eventually make offline through more traditional means.

Having a website and profiting from it don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand, however. In fact, some websites are so poorly designed and constructed that they drive customers away instead of getting them to buy. You can avoid that problem by having a sound website design and navigation.

Website Design Tips

Don’t hide what you sell.

In many cases, visitors want information about the product they want to buy. If it is difficult to find your shopping area, if your pages take a long time to load, or if visitors can’t find your order form, they will either give up or go shop in your competitor’s online store. If you sell a lot of different items, try to classify them to make them easier to find. For instance, if you were selling jewelry, you might one category called ” earrings “, another called ” necklaces “, another called ” bracelets “, etc.

Make it look professional. 

Not too long ago, just having a website was enough to make small businesses and home businesses look more professional. It doesn’t matter how the website looked like. But now it’s different. While there are still some pretty ugly websites that are successful, customers usually expect for a website to be as neat and professional looking as their printed sales literature and marketing materials. Anything less than a professional look for your website will make your business look small and unreliable.

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Make your site easy to navigate.

Businesses and consumers today have little time to waste. If they can’t find what they want quickly on your site they’ll move on. To help them find their way around, put a table of content ( often called a navigational bar or navbar ) on your home page. Include a search function for the website as well.

Encourage browsing and impulse buys.

Some retail stores get you to buy more merchandise by putting sale merchandise at some distance from the cash register ( so you have to walk through the store and see more things you may want to buy ). They also increase sales by putting merchandise that make good impulse buys in places that you pass through to get out of the store.

You can use similar tactics on your website to increase product sales. For instance, if you have an article on how to choose surveillance camera for home security, create a small ad for surveillance cameras if you sell them and put in the margin of the article. Another tactic is to run banner ads for your own products on editorial pages on your website. These ads will work like ads on the window of your favorite supermarket.

Suggest Add-on Sales.

One of the easiest ways to increase sales is to let customers who are about to make a purchase know about related products they may want to buy. Include the link to related products on a thank you page.

Give them ordering choices.

Not everyone is comfortable giving out credit card information over the internet, and not everyone likes to shop with a credit card. To maximize your sales, be sure you give customers alternate methods for making a purchase. In addition to your online order form, provide a way for people to order by telephone, by fax and by mail. Make those options easy to find, too. If your customer has to hunt for ways to make a purchase, you will lose sales.

Tell them how to reach you.

Customers want to know who you are and how they can contact after they’ve made a purchase. And they want that information to be easy to find. If it isn’t they may question your honesty or credibility and move on to a competitor’s website to make their purchase.

You can avoid that trap by having a ” contact us ” button on every page of your website. The ” Contact us ” button can lead to a web page that lists your business name, business email address, telephone, fax and other information customers may need to know.Contact me 01

Include a feedback form.

A feedback form serves three purposes. First, it gives your customers another way to reach you. Second, it lets you know what customers think about your products and services and what they want but can’t find. Finally, the feedback form is good for public relations. Having it on your site will help customers form an impression of your business as one that cares what its customers have to say.

Read and answer email at least once a day. 

One of the leading attractions of the internet is its immediacy. You can find information, shop for products, place orders, send invoices, view pictures, and access documents 24 hours a day, seven days a week. But that’s also one of the leading disadvantages of the web – at least for website owners. because the web and online services are available 24 hours a day, visitors expect them to be staffed around the clock, too. If they

If they have a question, they expect to get a response in hours. To keep customers happy, plan to answer all email within 24 hours or less. If you don’t answer your email in a timely fashion, your customers are likely to have little difficulty finding one of your competitors on the web.

Help people who stumble into your website find their way back.

When visitors find your website, they may save or print some of your information to read at a later time. When they find that information later on, they may want to return to your site. To make sure they can find their way back, be sure that every page on your site includes the name of your website, your phone number and your URL on the bottom of the page. To avoid typing that information in manually every page include it on the bottom of whatever template you use to create web pages.


Building a profitable website based on the above website design tips entails a lot of work. Sometimes it might become difficult to do all this without the proper training. You can have it built by a web designer, but you will spend a considerable amount of money. But if you want to build it yourself, you will spend only a fraction of it.

Here at Wealthy Affiliate, you can build a professional looking website by following the proper training, complete with tools and a live help and support from a community of 10,000’s of members. Now if you want to know how a website get indexed, click HERE.

If you have further questions or if you want to leave a feedback, feel free to comment below. I will attend to your queries/comments immediately. Thanks for reading.



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