Traffic Authority Review – Can you really get real traffic?

Product Name: Traffic AuthorityTraffic Authority
Website URL:
Price: Free to join + upsells
Founders: Greg Chambers, Doug Wellens and Chad Stalvey
Overall Rating: 50 out of 100


Traffic Authority is a company founded by three men namely Greg, Doug and Chad, as what they claimed, have been among the top suppliers of premium traffic to some of the biggest names in internet marketing. Their vision for Traffic Authority is to build a company offering people every product you need to grow your business into successful, high-paying enterprise.

It is a one-stop online destination for the best internet marketing tools and training everywhere for Home-based Multi-level marketers, Direct Sales, Internet and Affiliate marketers.

You’ll be able to get traffic for your business for FREE when you apply some of your Traffic Authority earnings to your personal traffic packages.

Clicks are guaranteed to be 100% from the US and Canada. You’ll have a complete control over every single clicks, starting, stopping and changing the links any time you like. And it is guaranteed to start hitting your websites within 24 hours of placing your order.

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Traffic Authority Products – how much they cost? 

A. When you become a Reseller for Traffic Authority, you’ll start cashing in with huge commissions with your own online traffic broker business.

Traffic Store Package Prices:
1. $ 220 for the Basic Package of up to 190 clicks.
2. $ 8,397 for Diamond package with over 8,000 clicks.

As a Traffic Authority reseller, your commission on traffic packages ranges from $ 100 on up to an incredible $ 4,000 on the Diamond package.

B. Money-making Traffic Tools:
1. Traffic Optimizer
2. Customizable Email Capture Page Builder
3. Advanced Link Tracker and Rotator
4. One-Click Split Testing Software
5. Popups, Timers, and Exit Pages

The cost for all of the Traffic Optimizer Tools is just $ 27/month. As a reseller, you’ll make an awesome $ 20 a month every month for each and every one of your clients or team members that sign up to use these incredible tools to build their businesses.

C. Traffic Academy – $ 97/month. As a reseller, you’ll be earning $ 50 per month on every Traffic Academy member that’s on your payline every month.

At Traffic Academy you start out with the Training Course. You’ll learn the ins and outs of traffic generation and capturing and converting leads. You’ll find out how each of the pieces work together. How you can generate the most traffic and profits from your business. It also includes Live Training from Traffic Experts.

When you complete the training course, you’ll become a Certified Traffic Authority. Your traffic know-how is about to become yet another huge money maker for you.

Infinite Leverage Compensation Plan

The first 6 sales on each product type are split 50/50 between you and your sponsor. This gives your sponsor more incentive to help you make those first 6 sales. And gets you those first 6 sales even quicker.

After your 6 sales on each product, the split changes from 50/50 t0 80/20. That way you can make more money from your own efforts after you’ve got a few sales under your belt.

So after the first 6 sales, as long as you and your sponsor are both qualified to earn on that product, 80% of the commission is paid to you and 20% is paid to your sponsor.

If you’re not qualified to earn on a product, but still make the sale, that sale willbe sent to your sponsor until you’re qualified to earn commissions on that product.



1. You earn money from your team’s sales.
2. You earn monthly residual income.
3. You’ll earn bonuses based on how much volume your team produces.
4. You’ll have a sponsor to work with to help you make sales when you’re getting started.
5. You earn higher commissions when you make a sale.
6. Your business is very predictable and scalable because you’ll always know what you’re going to earn when you make a sale.


1. High-priced products.
2. You have to be an expert marketer to profit from this product.

My Final Thoughts on Traffic Authority

As it is in the prelaunch stage and will be launch on August 19, we don’t know yet if the products are really good. If you really receive human traffic from the US and Canada, well it’s fine.

We will know the truth when it will actually be launch. I know many marketers are now building up their teams because of the ongoing Traffic Authority contest – $ 20,000 in traffic packages to the top 10 income earners during the first few weeks of going live to the public.

Online business owners need constant supplies of fresh targeted traffic and the founders of Traffic Authority saw this need and take the opportunity to provide together with other traffic related products.

I think the organic traffic you generate from your quality content is better than this product being marketed. At least you know they are interested in your product. It just takes time to convert these organic traffic into customers.

If you really want to learn internet marketing or want to build a successful online business, READ ABOUT MY NO. 1 RECOMMENDED PROGRAM HERE.

If you have any questions or you may like to add some more information about this product, feel free to leave your comments below.

Thank you for dropping by.


9 thoughts on “Traffic Authority Review – Can you really get real traffic?”

  1. It looks to me like Traffic Authority is just reselling PPC. It would make more sense to get your PPC straight from Google and Bing.

    For my purposes though it’s way to expensive, over a $1 a click. Unless your conversion rates and your commissions are fantastic you will be loosing money. For sites that just have Adsense and affiliate links there is no way to ever pay for that. Organic search is the only way to go.

    share-a-like dot com

    1. Yes, you buy the products first before you’re qualified to become a reseller. It is patterned as an MLM business where the leaders make most of the commissions. But these traffic are not unique, they are just the same as those traffic you buy from traffic exchanges and safelists. I will not invest with this kind of program, you can buy traffic at a lower price from other sources.

  2. I was particularly interested in your review of this product since I was just offered it today and have not had the time to do anhthing at all with it…

    I kind of agree with your take on this…Just getting visitors may look good for your site, but unless they are truly interested in what you have, they will remain just that – visitors!

    I know it is a longer process to get organic traffic to your site and build your list, but at the end maybe the people you get want to be there and will be more open to buying what you sell as they gain trust in you…

    So for my oart, I will likely not porusure or certainly not spend this kind of money to get clicks…If I can’t use it myself, how can I recommend it to others? Answer is I can’t!

    Thanks for you review and it is indeed timely for me and I think many others…As you say there is a great push now to get as many people signed up as possible….The monthly cost is quite high, and the clicks average about $1 each – not cheap!

    Cheers and have a great day!!

    1. Hello Dave,
      This Traffic Authority is only an improved version of Infinite Leverage and also the same guys behind ILS. They capitalized on traffic as their business as they know marketers need traffic to succeed online.

      Maybe this will sell to newbie online marketers but not for the expert marketers as they know the kinds of traffic to rely on for their business, that is organic traffic.

      The price for their traffic packages are too high and so with their other products. It seems to me these are like MLM products, the commissions are added up to the product, making them pricey. If you really want to buy targeted traffic, better invest with PPC advertising from the Big Three ( Google, Yahoo and Bing ).

  3. Hello Ferdie!
    As I see it, you have described another pyramid where it is to make money on the program itself is the main purpose of starting.
    I saw the video and, within one minute I could see that the purpose was to pull money out of people on the program itself and not by teaching them.
    I’ve tried both buy and promote the many programs which looks like it here.
    If you ask me it’s a waste of time. Yes it is precious time that could be spent more constructively.
    So my question to you is what you think is important if we are to build a real online business ?

    1. Hello Steen,
      You’re right. It looks like a pyramid scheme to me also because of overpriced products. They tend to concentrate more on recruiting, the trademark of an MLM business. They also put up a contest with $ 20,000 worth of traffic packages to encourage marketers to build up their teams.
      As for your question, the most important thing is you must build a relationship with your visitors, giving them value and the information they want. In due time, they will trust you and then become your customers.

  4. For me this website was not personal. I get that it is a new business but why did they choose traffic? I didn’t get a sense of who and why these guys are starting a business. What are their backgrounds? What makes them capable of creating a business like this? Are they coders? Did they go to school to learn how to create traffic. It seems too much like a scam. I wouldn’t buy it. I don’t know or trust them.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Marc. These guys know that in order for a business to succeed online, there must be traffic which in turn become customers. So they think of selling traffic as their business and added some traffic tools and the traffic academy. But their price is too high. How can you be so sure that the traffic you are getting to your website are targeted? I think the traffic they’re selling are almost the same as the ones being sold at traffic exchanges and safelist.

  5. Looks like it could be another one of those “get rich quickly” scams. I haven’t looked into the product, so I’m wondering if it’s possible to make money with it.

    Where does their traffic come from? I could get highly-targeted traffic from Bing and Google ads for cheaper prices than they’re advertising.

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