Total Takeover Review – Is it Real or Scam?

Product Name: Total TakeoverTotal Takeover
Price: Free trial to $ 89.95 per month
Owners: Wallace Nuanez, Dave Lear and Val Smyth
Overall Ranking: 30/100
Who it’s for: expert marketer


Total Takeover which is an MLM company is the brainchild of three people, Wallace Nuanez, Dave Lear, and Val Smyth. It had been making waves in the industry when it went public on January 26, 2015. In fact, I’m one of those who registered during its prelaunch. I didn’t think over whether this is real or another pyramid scheme.

Within a matter of hours after my registration, my genealogy swelled to thousands as it attracted many members to join in its early stage.

Their registered members ( free and paid )now totalled to 251,549, but only more than 5 thousand members upgraded, that means paying $ 89.95 monthly for affiliate membership.

After more than four months since it was launched and after so many reviews, Total Takeover is still around with a new compensation plan.

Total Takeover Product Line

If you are a free member, you have a limited access to the product. The Total Takeover hasTotal Takeover pic 05 no retailable products or services with affiliates only able to market affiliate membership with the company itself.

By paying a monthly membership of $ 89.95, the affiliate has access to a series of internet marketing products in the form of Digital Marketing Tools which are designed mostly for your recruitment activities. Here are some of the products that you can avail as a paid member:

Customizable Capture Pages – to capture leads and building your list for your internet marketing success.

Powerful 2 Step Marketing System – Not only will you be building and creating wealth with Total Takeover, you can also at the same time, have the ability to share and build your primary business opportunity.

Contact Manager – keep track of all your leads, create notes and follow up with all of them daily.

Tracking Statistics – to keep track of what video, or article, or even paid solo ad to know what is working best and to know where your traffic is coming from.

Training University – full video courses that will cover marketing and lead generation through powerful free methods as well as paid methods. Some of the topics covered are Blogging, You Tube Marketing, Facebook marketing, Classified Ad marketing, PPC Advertising and Solo Ad Training.

What Made Total Takeover So Popular in Its Early Stage?

With the kind of advertising these three owners used, Total Takeover easily went viral onTotal Takeover pic 01 Facebook attracting thousands of members before it was launched, but later on faded away. Here are some of the positive and negative feedbacks:


1.) you earn big bucks here if you are an expert marketer.

2.) you earn if you have a big following and bring them here being you at the top leaderboard


1.) failure to pay a monthly membership of $ 89.95 may result in termination of account.

2.) your current position on the leaderboard will be forfeited.

3.) all the commissions owed to you will be forfeited.

4.) earn less compared to what you pay for your monthly membership.

Can You Really Make Money With Total Takeover?

Since this is an MLM scheme, the most that make money here are the leaders who usually have a big following and those who are already expert marketers. They already know how MLM works but not for beginners who still lack marketing skills to succeed in this kind of business.

The Elite Networker Pay Plan

Pay Plan 1

1.) You will be in Profit with only 2 People coded to you.

2.) You get paid $ 22.50 every 30 days from all personally referred members coded to you and $ 12.50 every 30 days from all pass up members on your payline. You will also get paid $ 10 every 30 days on each of the 2 personally referred members that you pass up to your sponsor.

3.) Residual income.

4.) You must have 2 active pass-ups at all times.

Pay Plan 2

1.) Get paid an amazing $ 0.50 per every person in your matrix each month, whether you personally sponsor anyone or not.

2.) This pays out the first Wednesday of every month.

3.) Compounding residual income.

4.) You must have 2 active personal sign ups to qualify for Pay Plan 2.

Is there a 24/7 Support System?

The Support Desk does not handle questions about the compensation plan, product, or marketing, refer to your upline sponsor or The Elite Networker Facebook Group for support.

It is limited to handling Technical, Website, Reporting, and billing Issues only. Support tickets can take anywhere from 24-72 hours to be answered.

No live 24/7 help and support.

No support from the owners.

My Final Opinion

With years of MLM expertise from the founders, Total Takeover looks like a scam. It combines an irrelevant product offering with a recruitment-driven compensation plan.

It is positions in said compensation plan that are being purchased with the membership fee serving as a qualification to receive ongoing commissions paid out directly of the fees paid by recruited affiliates.

The training offered with affiliate membership serves only to offer cover for the payment of commissions on the recruitment of new affiliates.

As with all recruitment-based schemes, once recruitment dries up, those at the bottom stop paying their monthly membership fees. This means that those above them stop getting paid and in turn stop paying their monthly fees.

This in effect will slowly cause the company to trickle until it collapses.

Summarized Overview 

Product Name: Total Takeover
Price: Free trial to $ 89.95 per month
Owners: Wallace Nuanez, Dave Lear & Val Smyth
Overall Ranking: 30/100
Verdict: SCAM

Do you have a personal review that you would like to add about Total Takeover? If so I would like to hear your personal experience, just leave your comments below. Thanks for reading my review and wish you all success in the online world.



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    1. With this kind of business which is an MLM, only the expert internet marketers and all those who have a big following will benefit from it.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Frank. I joined in its pre-launch but when I’ve known that there’s monthly membership fee of $ 89.95, I didn’t upgrade my membership.

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