The Wealth Creator UK Review – Another matrix program earning money for admin

Program Name: The Wealth Creator UKWealth Creator UK
Website URL:
Price: Free to join, minimum cost of a matrix spot is $ 5.00
Owner/Admin: Eamon McAlinney
Overall Rating:  45/100
Verdict: Not recommended for newbie marketers


The Wealth Creator UK is a way of making some fast money online. It is a selection of matrix plans that are designed to help everyone regardless of experience or financial situation. I know how these matrix programs work and how you can earn money fast. They are employing strategies which are all similar in nature with previous matrix programs. This program will be launched tomorrow, August 17, 2015 at 9pm UK time or 4 pm Eastern time.

How to earn money with Wealth Creator UK?

As usual, after registering for a free account you have to deposit funds into your account with a minimum of $ 5.00. You just buy matrix spot, starting at the lower level and then progress as you earn money.

Here is a screenshot of the 6 Matrix Plans:

Wealth creator matrix plans

All you need to do to make fast, easy money is join and purchase matrix spots. You can purchase spots at any level that suits your financial situation to begin with and then progress through the different matrix levels and make more money.

The top end matrix levels are highly lucrative and you will make good money from these. All you need to do is purchase one or more spots and wait for them to fill. This is where you will earn the big money. Remember, you can buy as many spots as you like in any matrix plan. There are no limits.

Also, you don’t have to refer people to make money, but you can if you like and earn bonuses for doing so.

Wealth Creator UK Other Products.

You will receive advertising credits for each matrix spot that you purchase. These will be in the form of text ads credits and banner ads 125×125 and banner ads 468×60. You can use them to advertise and get sign ups to any other programs that you are currently involved in.

Wealth Creator UK also offers login ads and solo ads that you can purchase at excellent rates to promote your programs even further. It has been proven that login ads are a great way of attracting new members into your business.

In a couple of months, they will be opening their investment club business. Only members of the Wealth Creator UK who have at least one active matrix spot can join this club.


1. You can make money fast if you know the strategy.
2. You can use advertising credits to promote your other business.
3. You can recover your investment quickly if you belong to the early birds, that is, you’re among the first to buy matrix spots during launch.


1. You will lose money if you are late joining a matrix program.
2. During launch, there is possibility that the program will crash and it might be postponed. That will give negative impact to would-be members causing the program to stall.

My Final Overview of Wealth Creator UK

This program will be launched tomorrow and some of the members who have joined already deposited some funds to their accounts. We will see how it will go on during the launching date.

As they are also offering a 90 day money back guarantee where for any reason any member who had not earned back the cost of a matrix spot in any level after 90 days of activation, they will credit the member’s account with either the whole amount of the spot or an amount that will make it up to the cost of that spot if the member had earned some money but not all of the cost. We will look at it later if they will still have this guarantee in the future.

Like I said before, you can earn money fast with matrix programs if you know the strategies. You must be at the forefront, meaning, you have standby funds already in your account. Then, the moment it is already open for members to buy matrix positions, buy as many spots depending on your allocated budget for this program. Always remember that only those members who were able to buy spots early are the ones who will make profits from this kind of program.

I have tried a number of programs like these before, only late for a few  hours during the launching date and you will not make any profit but also lose your invested capital. These are the favorite programs by network marketers who have big following because they could bring in their team and make profits very early. Their members are always on the losing side especially if the program could no longer attract new members to join the program.

My only advice, instead of hopping from one program to another joining these get rich quick schemes, why not invest in something that you can rely on to build your own online business.

Learn How To Build Your Own Online Business. Read More About It HERE. 

If you have any questions or want to add more information about this program, feel free to comment below.

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