Steps to Avoid Falling Victim to Online Scams

Many people find themselves becoming victims to online scams. Messages being sent to your computer or devices that looks familiar and has an attachment to click on could compromise what you have stored within your system.

Here are the steps you must take to secure your computer and device.

1. Recommend changing a password every 90 days with a non-personal, upper and lower case and with numbers.

2. Never use a common password for different social media sites.

3. Ensure the latest anti-virus is installed.

4. When searching internet sites, make sure the site looks legitimate.

5. Use cell phone numbers as a link to be notified of any changes to accounts.

6. Use cloud settings and implement multiple passwords for each one.

7. If believed that your computer has been compromised consider that everything on your computer has been copied. Immediately change all of the passwords, including banking and credit card sites.

Problems like identity theft are becoming more prevalent and now more than ever. The public need to ensure that they secure and protect their personal information. This fact is a key component to prevention.




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