SFI Affiliate Program Review – My First Taste of Network Marketing

Product Name: SFI Affiliate ProgramSFI

Website: www.sfimg.com

Price: $0 at the beginning

Owners: SFI Marketing Group

Overall Rank: 40/100

Who it’s for: not recommended for a newbie

My experience with SFI

In this review, I will be sharing you information about Strong Future International based on my experience with this MLM/networking company.

I’ve joined SFI on June 18, 2014 from a Facebook advertisement by an SFI member who happened to be my upline sponsor. At that time, I’m still a newbie to online business opportunities so I joined at once, only filling out my name and email address then left the website. After a few days, I came across again with a website promoting 5 business opportunities on network marketing and one of them is SFI. So I checked for my log in details and tried to log in to my SFI account, set up my profile and go over my SFI homepage and checked all the tabs what information it has.

Once you become an SFI member, you automatically become also a TripleClicks member. Every day, you must logged in to your homepage and do your daily task by clicking the red tabs earning you 11 VersaPoints daily and 15 VersaPoints each for the Launchpad lessons after you made a correct answer at the end of each lesson. There are only 30 Launchpad lessons, one lesson everyday until you finished these 30 lessons.

Aside from the daily task and the launchpad lessons, you can also earnSFI 01 VersaPoints doing your weekly, monthly, getting-started and intermediate actions and other actions you can do as listed in you VP Ledger page. Becoming an Executive Affiliate by accumulating 1500 VersaPoints on your first month is easy but on the succeeding months you must find other ways to earn VersaPoints aside from your daily task to maintain your EA status or Team Leader status.

On my first month, I became an Executive Affiliate and at the end of the month, I was given 2 SFI affiliates as me as their Co-sponsor. On my second month, I bought some PSAs on TripleClicks sold by some top SFI leaders hoping to build my downline. I became a Bronze Team Leader and was given 60 CSAs.

I maintained my Bronze Team Leader status for three months with a downline of  245 PSAs and more than 200 CSAs. Some of them are only active during the first month, but most of them were inactive since their sign up date. The only ones who benefited from this method of acquiring PSAs are these top leaders who make business with referrals selling on TripleClicks.

As I came to realized that maintaining  a Team Leader status without active downlines is really not financially rewarding, I opted just to maintain my EA status. As I looked forward in search of a better business opportunity, I became inactive at SFI within the last few months.

What you need to know about SFI

Strong Future International, others call it Six Figure Income, in short it is called SFI is a real debt free company that is part of a growing global industry with annual gross revenues estimated at over $ 100 billion, involving major multinational corporations and tens of millions of independent business people in every country of the world.

It is a company that was built from the ground and claims to make it possible for anyone to earn passive and leveraged income online.

Thousands of new SFI affiliates sign up every week. It provides its affiliates with free training and various methods of support because they say they want to ensure their success.

But does it really gives you a good income? I’ve been observing the status of the SFI members in my country as I can still monitor on my SFI account.

Some can still manage to maintain their EA status or Team Leader status by having monthly standing order usually in the amount of $ 29.00 for a 100 pack TCredits if they don’t have active downlines. They can select any items sold on TripleClicks with a corresponding VersaPoints bonus.

The corresponding VersaPoints bonus they earned from their standing order will be necessary to add up to the total VP they earned doing the daily, weekly and monthly tasks to maintain their status.

How much they make if 1 VP is equivalent to $0.0004? If they make let’s say 1500 VP in a certain month it is only equivalent to $ 0.6 as against the $ 29.00 they spent, do you still want to stay with this program?

Like in a pyramid, the ones who only benefits from this type of business which is an MLM are those on the top. That’s why they still continue to recruit their downlines as a replacement for those who may give up after a number of months.

How to Earn Money as an SFI Affiliate?

As an SFI Affiliate, the lowest rank in SFI Affiliate Program, you can earn only in two ways, thru Direct Commissions and SFI Pay-Per Action Program.

As an Executive Affiliate, you can earn in 5 different ways: Direct Commissions, SFI Pay-Per-Action, TripleClicks Executive Pool, Co-sponsor Commissions and ECA Royalties.

For the different status as Team Leaders, they earn also in 5 different waysSFI Benefits Chart same as for Executive Affiliate plus VersaPoints matching ( # of levels + CSAs )

Bronze Team Leader = 6 levels

Silver Team Leader = 8 levels

Gold Team Leader = 10 levels

Platinum Team Leader = 12 levels

Diamond Team Leader = 12 + 1 levels

To know better about this SFI Compensation Plan, I’ll explain it briefly:

1.) Direct Commissions – Each time an SFI affiliate that you have personally sponsored ( PSA ) – or a TripleClicks member that you have personally referred – places an order at TripleClicks.com, you earn 45% of the Commission Volume.

2.) TripleClicks Executive Pool – For each versaPoint you accumulate during the month, you will receive one share of the month’s pool. The more VP you score, the more you will earn from the TripleClicks Executive Pool. To earn even more shares, become a Team Leader.

3.) Co-sponsor Commissions – Each time an SFI affiliate that you are the co-sponsor of places an order at TripleClicks.com, you earn 15% of the Commission Value.

4.) TCredit Bonus – TCredits allow you to take full advantage of your TripleClicks membership benefits and can also be used in many ways to build your business. Asingle TCredit sells for $ 1.99

5.) ECA Referral Program – All you have to do is introduce an ECA ( E-Commerce Associate ) to TripleClicks and you’re all set to earn royalties for life. Everytime anyone – anywhere in the world – buys something at TripleClicks from one of your referred ECA’s, you earn a royalty.

6.) SFI Pay-Per-Action – it’s an optional, supplemental income program available to all SFI affiliates that allow you to act as an advertiser for SFI and earn supplemental income by getting others to take actions such as filling out forms.

What really is SFI, is it a scam or not?

Although SFI is around for 17 years, there are many positive as well as negative reviews going on the internet. Those positive reviews are mostly coming from the top leaders who are making the most money from it. It is a low-quality affiliate program mainly designed to promote products from TripleClicks.

To know more about SFI, let us take a look at the pros and cons.


  • Free to join at the beginning
  • You can earn money but not as you expected to be
  • You can start to make a decent income by becoming an E-Commerce Associate.
  • Free online and offline marketing tools


  • SFI claims it is for newbies, but it is not.
  • Outdated tools, techniques and lessons provided in SFI.
  • Bad support from company staff
  • Risk losing money maintaining your membership than actually you can earn from it
  • You can’t earn a six-figure income as what they claim
  • You’re not creating a new business
  • It’s an mlm company, you will earn only if you have active downlines, purchasing something to have your commissions
  • SFI lets you focus in affiliate marketing but have a better chance of earning promoting TripleClicks products
  • If you don’t maintain your EA status at the end of the month you will lose all your CSAs, as it happened to me a few months back.

With too much negative views about the company, it is better to look for a good program to build a real business online. This is where I’ve learned how to build the foundation for my online business.

For Whom is SFI?

SFI works only for those who have experience in network marketing. It is not recommended for the beginners. Succeeding with SFI does take time and effort just like any other business. It will take time to find your active downlines who will seriously work the SFI Affiliate Program that will invest in their education and business.

When you join, here are the basic steps that you are advised to follow:

1.) Become an Executive Affiliate and remain an Executive Affiliate every month.

2.) Recruit five affiliates.

3.) Teach your five affiliates to do these same three steps ( duplication ).

Training / Tools Overview

SFI has provided its affiliates training in the form of articles mostly on sales,SFI Marketing recruiting, sales tips and how to find affiliates online. Mostly they are only sets of FAQs. They have Power Tools like S-Builder Co-op which costs $22.00 per month if you want to have a share of the affiliates they recruit through their advertising platform.

There is also a written tutorial on how to set up Hit tracking and how to use Key Codes for your advertisement. There is also a set of marketing methods  and marketing aids in the form of banners, X-card, E-card and Flyers. The training and tools used here are almost outdated as compared to the training and tools offered at Wealthy Affiliate.

My Final Opinion of the SFI Affiliate Program

Although SFI has been around for seventeen years now, its free training, tools and access to the community of leaders is not the right kind of training and tools that you need to succeed online. They have no live help and support within the community.The successful leaders here don’t reveal to the community how and where they are recruiting quality affiliates. How can one succeed if the needed  help is not extended to them.

If you are new to internet marketing, my number 1 recommendation for you is to join Wealthy Affiliate where you can try their service for free. Being a free member at Wealthy Affiliate, you will have 2 free websites with free webhosting. Also included are the first 10 lessons of both Phase 1 of Online certification Course and Affiliate Bootcamp and the live help and support from the community to become successful online.

If you have experience to join with SFI and have questions or feedback, please feel free to leave your comments below.

Thanks for reading.


See the Comparison between Wealthy Affiliate and SFI Affiliate Program:

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    1. Thanks for stopping by Amanda. Our intention is to give useful information but still the people out there just follow and decide which they think is good for themselves.

    1. Hello Yoli, we’re just showing how good Wealthy Affiliate in terms of training, help, support and much more as what we’ve experienced here.

  1. Ferdie, SFI sounds to complicated to keep track of! The lack of support would certainly put me off and boy am I glad I found Wealthy Affiliate with its comprehensive support.

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Helen. Yes, SFI is really complicated especially for beginners. When you ask for support from your uplines how to succeed in this kind of business opportunity, they just keep on saying, recruit downlines until you find your 5 active affiliates.

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