Reality-Networkers Review – My honest evaluation as a member

Have you been a member of Reality-Networkers? I joined this online community last October 2014. From a direct referral list of 21 members, I have only three members who upgraded to level 1, so I was not able to qualify for a $ 40 commission which should be 5 active level 1 members. Here’s my review of the said program.

Company Name: Reality-NetworkersReality Networkers
Website URL:
Price: Free to $25 ( Level 1 )
Overall Rating: 30 out of 100
Recommended: No/Scam

What is really about Reality-Networkers?

Reality-Networkers is an online community where internet networkers come to build an active team for all the purpose of venturing into any program together to profit. It has been in business for more than 11 years and has a total membership of 5,244,473. It is founded not to compete with the other online opportunities, but instead to truly maximize the earning potential of all online opportunities out there.

Their goal is to make people realize what it really takes to earn money online. What mindset is needed, and what kind of effort is necessary to truly achieve financial freedom through online opportunities.

An Overview of Reality-Networkers

Reality-Networkers is a club, not an MLM system. They offer marketing tools and resources to help the members to build a team of active networkers. All members will be given a free 14-day trial period to try out the program.

Once the trial period has ended, there will be a one-time administration fee of $ 25 to become an active member of Reality-Networkers. All active members can receive all the Member’s Benefits for life. Benefactor option is also available for those who do not have the budget to start.

If the members are unable to pay for their upgrade, the site has 9 ways to make the money. They earn a little amount of money joining in these PTC sites namely: Clixsense, Hits4pay, dealsncash, Fushioncash, Swagbucks, Probux, Ayuwage, Cashnhits and Rewardingways.

Each level of the matrix does have specific tasks must be performed before members are eligible to receive commissions. The first task is that members must personally refer ( or fast track ) 5 people into the first level and before they can get paid the first commission of $ 40. They also have to teach them and help them each get 5 direct referrals. Once the first commission payment has been received, then members need to find other marketing resources and share them with the rest of the membership.reality networkers 08

Complete all of the tasks and fill the 5×3 matrix and the member will receive a total of $ 640 dollars. $ 100 of that amount will be used to enter them into the $ 100 dollar matrix that has a final payout of $ 2120. That is a very good return on investment, even if the member did do the fast track upgrade.

reality networkers 09

Once the first matrix has been completed, the team will then be eligible to take the entire team out to join other online ventures.

What are the Member’s Benefits 

1. Promotion/Marketing Tools – By becoming part of the Reality-Networkers, one of the benefits you can enjoy is having the entire team looking for new safelists and other promotion methods for you on a regular basis. Because members are required to find new and more safelists in order for them to get paid, they will never lose the motivation, and will never slack off. So you can continue to post your ads to more safelists, and other promotion methods every single day to help you succeed.

2. Promotion Tools – An important tool to help you post efficiently to safelists and other promotion methods is an Auto-submitter. A small portion of the earning from every Reality-Networkers will be used to test out all the auto-submitter, and other promotion tools to find out the best one for the entire team to post their ads more efficiently.

3. Custom Made/Pre-Written Ads – The next thing to an efficient promotion is the presentation of your advertisement. That means you need an eye-catching title with a very attractive content. You need to change your ads on a regular basis to get results. New ads are added all the time so the members can keep on advertising with new materials everyday without having to put in too much time in writing a better title and advertisement.

4. Online Marketing Tips and Strategies – A portion of the earning from all reality-Networkers is also used to purchase all those books and guides to help the entire team to gain the necessary knowledge and the skills to succeed. And those active promoters with many years of experience are also required to write up a short report showing you exactly how he’s doing it. Because if he can refer hundreds of people using the same promotion tools and methods as you do, there is no way that you cannot do the same by following his steps.


1. You get some sign ups by following instructions from reports of successful promoters.

2. You learn some marketing/promotion strategies from the program.

3. You earn big amounts of money joining other online ventures if you have an active team.

4. You can pay for your one time $ 25 for active membership from your PTC earnings.


1. It’s a little bit hard to form a team of active members if you’re a newbie in network marketing.

2. No live help and support, only email to contact the administrator.

3. You can contact only through the Message Center your direct referrals and your referrer/mentor.

My final thoughts on Reality-Networkers

Having joined this online community gave me some knowledge on how to promote a business online, how to get sign ups using pre-written ads and  advertising on safelists and how to track the program you’re promoting.

If you are an experienced internet marketer, you can easily build up an active team which you can bring and join matrix programs. These are the people who are making money in matrix programs. They already know the strategies in joining matrix programs. They join early to make profits at an early stage  as these kinds of programs will not last long.

If you are not good in network marketing, but you have the urge to really make money online, try learning some ways on how to build an online business.

Read about my No.1 Recommended Program Here.

If you have been a member of Reality-Networkers and want to share your experience with this online program, you can leave your comments below. Thanks for reading.



4 thoughts on “Reality-Networkers Review – My honest evaluation as a member”

  1. Hi Ferdie

    This is a great review of Reality Networkers! The one thing you pointed out that it lacked in live support would really enlighten anyone who is reading this review whether to try this system or not. Internet marketing really needs a live support..without it it’s like a tree without flowers!

    Good article! Keep it up!

    1. Thanks for dropping by Jasmine. The purpose of Reality-Networkers is really great, to build a team of active members and take that team to join other online ventures like matrix programs. But the hard part is building a team of active members, people joining online opportunities want to earn money quickly without putting extra effort. And as what you’ve pointed out, the lack of live support makes this program a failure to many, unlike here in WA if you need help somebody comes to your aid at once and keeps you motivated to work harder to attain your goals.

  2. Hi Ferdie,

    I started with Reality Networkers over 8 years ago. I have a downline of 772 members, have had 5 upgraded members for years now, each with well over 5 upgraded members of their own on their fronlines; which should make me level 4 I believe. I have yet to be paid not one dime from this program. It’s true. I have tried for YEARS to be paid, with no avail. Here’s a copy of my most recent letter to my upline sponsors, support, and anyone else who will listen..:

    Hello Support,

    I started with this program over 8 years ago, have a downline of 772 people, personally enrolled 31 members, ..Have had 5 upgraded frontline members (each with well over 5 upgraded frontline members themselves) for years now,, To my knowledge I am LEVEL 3 or 4 , and have actively tried contacting my downline via the safelist to help them as per my task, butI can not get ANYONE to help me with getting paid my much needed commissions. I have yet to be paid one penny.

    According to your FAQ section of your website it states ”
    21) How do I withdraw my commission ?
    Once you have completed each task by filling the level with active networkers, a commission request form will become available in the Task Page for you to withdraw the earned commission to the account desired.

    As of now, the site won’t even let me access my task page, and I have tried and tried to contact my sponsor, upline, and the rest and nobody will help me get the commissions I earned. Please try to put yourself in my shoes as a fellow online marketer; and consider how you would feel if you were me? this industry is so tough and competitive as it is;..How would you feel if you were being ignored when it came time for you to be paid the commissions you earned..Please have a heart and help me.

    My user name is: balancedblue and my name is David R. my email address is & my cell phone number is…

    David R

    Now, at this point alot of people would just accept that they were scammed, but there is still a little hope in my heart that they will do the right thing..What do you think? rock

    David R

    1. Greetings Mr David and so sorry for the pains you went through, i am a regional representative to African countries on behave of RN Admin. I came across you comment here i wish to say with all sincerity that i can help you regain all that you have seemingly lost. If only you can provide me with you member ID and then be visiting your e-mail as to keep contact with me. All your commission will be paid to you at instant.

      Once more, sorry.

      Michael for

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