Paybal Invest – an HYIP Scam Company

Name: Paybal Investpaybal invest site
Website URL:
Price: $ 1 ( minimum amount to invest )
Owner: Shinjiru MSC SDN BHD ( Malaysia )
Rating: 0 out of 100

What is Paybal Invest?

Paybal Invest is an HYIP, an online PayPal investment company but actually they’re not connected with PayPal. They claimed that their expert team invest funds in many markets like Forex, HYIPs, Oil, Gold, etc to provide constant profits.

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How Paybal Invest Works?

Paybal Invest provides different types of deposit plans. You just make a deposit to the plan you have chosen. In making deposit, you can use the following payment processors: PerfectMoney, PayPal, Skrill, Payza, OKPay, EgoPay, SolidTrustPay, WebMoney, MoneyBookers, AlertPay, BitCoin, Payeer, HD-Money, C-Gold, PayWeb, etc.

Below are screenshots of the different deposit plans.

paybal invest plan 01

paybal invest plan 02

paybal invest plan 03

Paybal Invest Exchange Center – is another earning opportunity for Paybal Invest. You must send e-currency payment first to Paybal Invest. Then send your exchange request with the following information:
Send type:
Exchange amount:
Receive type:

Paybal Invest referral Program – If you join the referral program, you earn up to 10% of referral deposits.

paybal invest referral program

Paybal Invest Continues to Scam

The company’s website has been registered last September 02, 2014. It is still operating continously until this time. Upon checking their website registration, it was updated last August 13, 2015 so their website will be expiring on September 02, 2016. They have renewed it to take advantage of the Christmas season. They are hoping that they can get more investors as more people are looking for ways to earn money online during these ber months. It is the best time for scammers, by Christmas time or early January most of them are nowhere to be found.

paybal invest registration

My Suggestion to Would-be Investors of Paybal Invest

If you are planning to invest in this company, don’t attempt to do it. I had been scammed by this company last January of this year. When I requested for withdrawal of my earnings, it just stays as pending until today.  I wrote this review to warn others not to invest their money in this scammer. They are only paying these monitoring sites to entice investors that Paybal Invest is really paying. Yes, it is paying only these monitoring sites but they are scamming investors. This situation is also happening with most of HYIPs so be careful when you decide to invest in an HYIP.

Even an HYIP is paying investors regularly, when they have attained their target amount, they will turn to scam people’s money. Here is one proof of their scamming activities:

paybal invest pending withdrawal

Rather than investing in HYIPs, why don’t you try investing in building your own online business. Instead of jumping from one program to another, better learn how to build the foundation of your online business. There are many ways how you can do it whether free or paid.

If you are considering to try my recommendation, please read more about it on the platform where I built my online business.

Have you been scammed by HYIPs? Feel free to comment below and I’ll get back to you soon. Thanks for stopping by.


18 thoughts on “Paybal Invest – an HYIP Scam Company”

  1. It works for me, I’ve earned over 100 dollars. I contacted them because one time my status was pending but they fixed the issue. Maybe you should contact them too

    1. Hello Matthew,
      You’re lucky to have earned that amount. Were you able to withdraw it? When did you join this HYIP? They will pay you while you are on your early stage of joining the program to entice you to invest more. Be careful, most of these HYIPs have a target time and begin to scam.

  2. My first deposit was a $1 sum and I watched the money grow, problems arose when I tried to withdraw. They are now asking for a new deposit into a $10 plan in order to release the funds I have requested to withdraw. Their minimum investment is now $5 but it only says this when you try to deposit as the front page still says $1.

  3. is also one of the scam site making a lot of buzz on the internet and other HYIP sites. They say to deposit 30 USD but when you need to withdraw, they say you need to deposit 150 USD for activating instant withdrawl in your account.

    Please do not fall prey to these scammers

  4. Hi Dear Readers, is scam. You will never ever get your money back. I already lose my money. So be careful to invest or business with them.

  5. Huuuuuuuge scam alert! They won’t give you your money at all, ever. Tried and tested. They’ll want you to pay a withdrawal fee when you want to withdraw your money. DON’T PAY IT. Its clear from their emails that they’re scammers. They don’t respond to certain questions regarding you recieving money but only to you giving them money. I invested $7 to test it out but only ended up in having back and forth emails with support. Me wanting to know why they want more money and why they dont take it from the money being withdrawn and me wanting concrete guarantee which they didn’t give, only their word which means nothing to me. All in all stay far away from them. SCAM!

  6. This s scam. I did not even register and I’m billed. I requested twice for transaction cancellation, but they don’t even answer me. They are a bunch of thieves. Don’t listen to them, this is a scam

  7. Hello everyone,

    First I invested only $10 to paybalinvest and when I wanted to withdraw the profit, they transfered me the profit to my Payza account in 1 day.
    2 days ago I invested another $50 for a 4 days plan because I am curios if they allow me to withdraw even a bit bigger amount of money. I will tell you if I could withdraw my money or not.
    If they will transfer me again, I will put $100 in it and if it works, I will do it in every 4 days.
    I will always invest only a part of the money I already earned with it so I won’t loose my own money.

    I will make a post if something wrong is going to happen.

  8. So I can also tell you that it is a scam. I did not get back my money. Everything is $0 is my account, no pending withdrawals, no account balance, nothing.
    They are just steeling the money from people. Criminals!

  9. I think is best to use PayPal when investing. Cause with PayPal you can lay a dispute.if they don’t pay PayPal will reverse the transaction. That is why most scammers don’t use paypal

  10. I also got scammed by them recently. I was a fool to not look up reviews first. They do respond to their emails still and Keep their website active.

  11. I think they’re running way earlier with different domain name.

    Anyway, they;re a HUGE scam that refuse to pay. They did pay me once and then when I make a 2nd withdrawal, they say they can’t via Paypal and ask me to withdraw with other processor. When I make withdrawal with Payza, they say they are low on cash in their Payza account and ask me to try other process… Tried again, and they just ask me to try other processor. After dragging for almost a month and trying thrice, I smell something fishy so I file a dispute on Paypal to get my money back. BUT that is not the end. They file a dispute back to me to get my previous payout and this goes on for 1 month before I won the dispute.

    Anyway, if you had already invest with them, KEEP ALL EVIDENCES, including emails exchange, paypal transaction and much more, in case they want to try the dispute trick again.

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