My Six Months Achievements at Wealthy Affiliate

Hello! Are you interested to know about my achievements at Wealthy Affiliate after six months? Well, if you are, then I will share it with you.

But before that, let me tell you that when I got interested in online opportunities last year, I joined a number of programs, most of which are get rich quick schemes. As a newbie, I didn’t know much about the tactics used in MLM, Hybrid and other programs to make money so I didn’t make a profit instead lost some money.

I realized that joining these programs will bring me to nowhere. As I am determined to build an online business, I surfed again the internet looking for a legitimate program where I can build my foundation for an online business.

When did I find Wealthy Affiliate

It was in January 2015 that I came across with Wealthy Affiliate through the website ” One More Cup of Coffee “.

Since free membership is not allowed in our country, as the Philippines is one of the 7 countries that Wealthy Affiliate free membership is not allowed, I wasn’t able to sign up as a free member.

I just read some posts about Wealthy Affiliate on ” One More Cup of Coffee ” and some Wealthy Affiliate reviews from other sites of Wealthy Affiliate members.

Then the day came for me to decide as I have really had to find a way how to develop an online business. And I thought, Wealthy Affiliate is the right platform to build the foundation for my online career.

It was last March 16, 2015, that I decided to sign up and decided to become a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate.

WA Profile

What’s the Impact of Wealthy Affiliate on my Online Journey

Since my first day of joining and becoming a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, I’m sure I’m not wrong in my decision. As I browse the Wealthy Affiliate homepage, I know I had to deal with so much information to learn affiliate marketing.

I had been thinking since I became interested in online business opportunities, how do these people making hundreds, even thousands of dollars just by blogging, being an affiliate/internet marketer. It is here in Wealthy Affiliate that I found the answers to these questions lingering in my mind.

From the lessons I’ve learned here in Wealthy Affiliate, creating a successful online business requires hard work, dedication, and perseverance.

Those programs out there promoting software making you millionaires over a short period of time, or some MLM, matrix and other programs claiming to earn thousands without any hard work or effort are just scams. They’re trying to make money from the sales of these scammy products they’re promoting.

In order to have a profitable online business, you must need to understand and implement the 4 steps needed namely:
1. Choose an interest
2. Build a website
3. Attract visitors
4. Earn revenue

my websites


My Achievements as a Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member

As a Premium member for six months, I have achieved a certain degree of success. I have built up two websites with my own domain names, one is a niche website and the other one promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

It was in the early stages of building up these two websites that I found a little bit hard like creating contents for a post or a page.

But later on, I found it challenging creating contents with targeted keywords.
I became familiar with words like traffic, keywords, SEO, Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, and other terms related to internet marketing.

After five months, I got my first sale with my niche website then three weeks later, got my second sale. My other website promoting Wealthy Affiliate has produced a number of referrals although they are still free members. With the recent outcome or results from my websites, I know I am following the right path to success.

Amazon second sale

My Second Sale at Amazon

WA referrals

My WA Referrals

My Final Thoughts of Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate has been online for ten years and with that span of time, it has produced a number of successful affiliates. Many members can vouch for the best training that Wealthy Affiliate offers. It has an up-to-date step-by-step training to become a successful affiliate marketer.

With the help and support of thousands of members, you can have immediate answers to your questions if ever you have. Somebody within the community will be ready to lend a hand just in case you are stuck in your training or want to find a solution regarding your website.

I can affirm that Wealthy Affiliate is the best online training platform on the Internet. But the results depend on each member’s initiative to attain his/her own goals.

Read More About My No. 1 Recommended Program Here.

We are here to help people build their own online business, to save others from being scammed. If you need any help, feel free to leave your comments below and I’ll get back to you soon. Thanks for dropping by.


4 thoughts on “My Six Months Achievements at Wealthy Affiliate”

  1. I’ve been researching about earning online and came upon WA and your site. I’m Filipino like you living in the Philippines. My question is: is it worth it to pay the monthly fee? How long did it take you to recoup your spending at WA and earn from it? 50 dollars a month is a bit heavy on the pocket for me, so I’d like to know if being a premium member and paying the monthly fee is worth it. Thanks!

    1. Hello Michelle,
      If you are really interested in affiliate marketing, Wealthy Affiliate is the answer. It is free to join for other countries but not for the 7 countries in which the Philippines is included due to fraud. But you can join WA being a Premium member at once.
      Being a Premium member here at WA does not guarantee your success online. It is only a training platform where you can learn how to build your own website or build the foundation for your online business. You will acquire the proper training through the different lessons in Online Certification Courses and Affiliate Bootcamp Courses. With the help of the community and the proper tools in place, your online journey starts in the right direction.
      Your success here depends on how much you put in the effort. You already have acquired the knowledge and so you just need to take actions.
      Thank you for stopping by.


  2. How are you doing at WA now Ferdie? been thingking about joining it but found out in your blog that its not free if youre from the Philippines…

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