My Online Business Empire Review – A Scam in the Long Run

I’ve been getting emails from Matt Lloyd since last year promoting his MOBE program. So I decided to take a look if I can really earn that much money overnight without any hard work. Now I’m writing a review about this program which in my opinion is not worth joining as you’ll be spending thousands of money making your sponsor richer.

Name: My Online Business Empire ( MOBE )My Online Business Empire
website URL:
Price: $49 application fee + $19/month + upsells
Owner: Matt Lloyd
Overall Rating: 20 out of 100

What is MOBE all about?

My Online Business Empire is a marketing and business training company catering to small business owners and entrepreneurs. They offer a large selection of online training products, services, live training events and exclusive masterminds to help you along your business journey. It was launched in 2011 by Matt Lloyd who was also the owner of My Top Tier Business.

MOBE Compensation Plan 

Anyone can become a Standard Affiliate and promote the majority of front end products through MOBE marketplace and earn between 30% – 50% commissions.

If you upgrade to one of the Business Affiliate Programs, you will earn commissions of 30% – 90% on all of MOBE’s products plus the sales team selling products for you in the back end with commissions of $ 1,250, $ 3,300, $ 5,500 and $ 13,500 per sale.

All Business Affiliate Programs ( except the Standard Affiliate ) come off a monthly Inner Circle program attached – with the first month being FREE. The Inner Circle Programs provide fresh new training and Done-For-You services customized for the level you are at as well as a monthly newsletter in print ad and PDF Format that includes the MOBE License Rights ( MLR ), Titanium and Platinum Programs.

Each membership level includes all the products, coaching and perks that are provided by each level. If you are a Platinum Inner Circle Member, then you will have access to all the options from the MLR and Titanium Inner Circle programs. However, if you are at the Titanium Inner Circle level, you will have access to all the options from MLR Inner Circle but not those offered at the Platinum Inner Circle level.

Standard Affiliate Membership Fees

A monthly membership fee of $ 19.95 is applicable to maintain your affiliate program active. The fee covers the back office functionality, reporting, affiliate tools and hosting. If you no longer wish to promote any of the MOBE products or other partner products listed in MOBE marketplace and collect commissions in those sales, you may cancel your affiliate membership at any time by submitting a support ticket.

Business Affiliate Membership Fees

To earn higher commissions of $ 1,250 – $ 13,500 per sale promoting a large selection of backend products, events and done for you services, you will need to upgrade to one of the business programs.

1. MOBE License Rights – $ 2,497.00 + $ 99/month or $ 800/year – Inner Circle Membership Fee
2. Titanium Mastermind – $ 9,997.00 + $ 199/month or $ 1600/year – Inner Circle Membership Fee
3. Platinum Mastermind – $ 16,667.00 + $ 299/month or $ 2,400/year – Inner Circle Membership Fee
4. Diamond mastermind – $ 29,997.00 + $ 299/month or $ 2,400/year – Inner Circle Membership Fee

To upgrade, you can either purchase a membership package  and qualify membership immediately or simply make 5 sales at that level. By the 6th sale, you will qualify to collect commissions.

Commissions Earned

Commissions from top selling products and programs sold vary depending on your membership level. The higher your membership level, the higher percentage of a commission earned from products/programs sold. See a list of products with a corresponding commission for each level from a screenshot below.


MOBE Marketplace

My Online Business Empire marketplace has in its store books about how to take your business further on the online world. It has some decent products and there are some coaching courses as well. Included also are marketing services to help your business succeed.

But these products can be found anywhere else and can be bought at a much lower price. Some of the products can be accessed free for the information contained from some websites. Most of the products within the marketplace are overpriced.



1. Some valuable tips on how to make money with websites and how to drive traffic.
2. Learn some affiliate marketing methods.
3. There are seminars allowing mentors and members to interact with one another.


1. Too expensive, that if you’re in a tight budget, this program is not for you.
2. Plenty of upsells.
3. Too many reports of people who have joined and have been scammed.
4. An MLM program that only the expert internet marketers make sales on this program.
5. Poor customer support.
6. Overpriced products – you can buy these products from other sources at a much lower price.

How can you get support within MOBE?

If you need any help or support within MOBE, there is no 24/7 live chat or community you can turn to. You can ask for assistance only by submitting a support ticket which you can only expect e reply only within 36 hours. This is their quickest and most effective way to get an answer for your question.


My Final Thoughts on MOBE

This is another program which is Ponzi in nature. Like any other MLM programs, the products sold are overpriced. You buy into the program so you can promote the program to others thinking of the big commissions you’re going to earn.

Until these days, many affiliates are still advertising MOBE just to cope up with the money they spent for the products. The ones who benefit from this kind of program are the sponsors who are mostly experienced internet marketers. They have a big following that whatever program they promote their followers jump into the program quickly, not analyzing if the program is legitimate or not.

High ticket affiliate programs are not easy to sell, although high commissions sound appealing, it takes advanced marketing skills to sell them.

If you really want to make money through affiliate marketing, build a website based on your niche. Your success depends on how much effort you put into it. To learn more about building an online business, read about my No.1 Recommended Program.

If you had been a member of MOBE that you want to share your experience within MOBE or have any questions about MOBE, please leave your comment below and I’ll get back to you soon.

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1 thought on “My Online Business Empire Review – A Scam in the Long Run”

  1. Hi everyone! I joined MOBE a few days ago and started listening to them waiting for when they start selling something. Matt is a soft spoken guy telling interesting things, teaching you and mentoring in the first 5 steps but from the step 6 he is starting selling you his product for $2497! I was waiting when they start and here it is. And I started looking for review online and found a lot of bad but sometimes good hat is interesting. Just got an access to other 14 steps from my coach without any payment so going to look at them. Anyway experience is experience and lucky me I paid just $49. You can read my MOBE story on my website if you interested.

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