My Email Mentor Review – Is it another ploy to scam?

As I continue receiving this email notification from my inbox, I opened and checked what good information it has to offer. It is about an email marketing program and I decided to join to see what is this program really about. I could not believe that just by signing up into the program, you get a commission of $ 100 added to your account.

Product name: My Email MentorMy Email Mentor
Price: $ 47 monthly
Founder: Bobby B.
Overall Ranking: 25/100

My Email Mentor Overview

The system is built around sending emails to people who have requested more information and generating clicks and commissions. Just sign up for an Email Sending account under Stablemailer ( ) for a 10 day trial with a fee of $10, then after that $ 47 per month.

After you sign up with Stablemailer, go back to your sign up page at My Email Mentor and input your details from Stablemailer to have the $ 100 Fast track Bonus added to your account.

After you’ve finished with your sign-up process, you import your list of subscribers that you receive once a week. Your email sending account will then automatically start to send emails and start to generate clicks on your behalf.

For every click that is generated from your system, you get paid. As the emails are automatically sent, all you have to do is log in each day and check your commission stats to see how many clicks the system is generating for you every day.

How do you get paid?

Once you have set up your account, you will enter your Email Sending Account details in the form at the bottom of the page and a $ 100 Bonus will be added to your account, giving you a fast start.

Once a week, you will log into the system and import your list of new subscribers into your Email Sending Account. You do not have to set up any messages or send any emails. The system will automatically start sending emails and generating clicks on your behalf. Anytime someone clicks on the link in one of the emails you send out, you get paid. You will be able to see the Click Commissions going up in real time in the Commission Stats tab.

Commissions are paid on the 25th of each month for the earnings from the previous month. So, the commissions earned in June, are paid on July 25th.

Please note that the minimum commission payout is $ 400, meaning if you get to the end of a commission month and you have earned less than $ 400, then the commissions will rollover to the next month until the $ 400 minimum is reached.

email mentor 003

Clone Yourself and Multiply your Income. 

Now that you have everything set up and working and you are importing your list each week, it’s time to generate more clicks and thus earn more money by cloning yourself.

As you are paid 20 cents for every click generated by the system on your behalf, the real earning potential comes by you cloning yourself.

For every person you refer to the system that gets set up, you get a 50% Matching Bonus from all of the clicks the system generates in their behalf.

So, not only do you earn 20 cents from every click you generate, you also get 10 cents a click from every click generated by someone you refer to the system. The only clicks that are acceptable are clicks that the system automatically generated for you each week. You cannot import your own leads into the system.

You can get your clone link from your affiliate account and use that for any clone advertising or promotions you do and watch your earnings really take off.


1.) You only login once a week into your mailer to load the leads they provide you.
2.) The system automatically sends out the emails daily to your uploaded leads.
3.) When one of your leads opens and clicks your special link you earn 20 cents on each click.
4.) If you wish to speed up your earnings you can clone yourself by bringing in affiliates.
5.) You earn an additional 10 cents per click on the clicks of your affiliates.


1.) $ 400 commission threshold is high compared to most programs do a minimum of $ 100.
2.) Recycled testimonials are from the previous programs of Bobby B.
3.) $ 47 per month for the Email Response Pros ( Stablemailer ) is high. You can get an autoresponder for only $ 19.
4.) This is a new program, no proof yet of any payment.
5.) Your account will be canceled if caught adding to the list by even one URL address.
email mentor 004


Being a brand new program, only launched May 01, 2015 and the minimum $ 400 to cash out, no one still has been able to cash out last June 25.

If there is an issue with the payment processor, especially PayPal that if they detected something which is some kind of a fraud, they will not push through partnering with a certain program. They don’t want to be involved in something like that.

The founder is believed also to have been involved in previous scams as he is using testimonials which are not taken from this program. It is a kind of strategy scammers are usually using.

Which is the correct name of the founder, is it Bobby B., Billy B. or Michael B.? If this is legitimate, why he could not reveal his true name? Something fishy with this program.

If you are a member of this program and want to voice out what is your opinion with this program, you are welcome to leave your feedback/comments below. I will attend to you immediately.

If you are still looking for an online legitimate program that you can join in, I can help you find one. Here is the no.1 program that I can RECOMMEND to you.  Thank you for stopping by.



2 thoughts on “My Email Mentor Review – Is it another ploy to scam?”

    1. Hello, Michael. You should have made a thorough research first about this program before joining to avoid being scammed. There were negative reviews about this program since it was launched and yet some people still got scammed. Sorry to hear about what happened to you and 4 others.
      Be careful the next time you join a program.

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