My Amazing Life Review – Is it going to be another scam?

Product Name: My Amazing LifeMy Amazing Life
Owner: Thomas Sullivan
Price: $ 24.95/month ( for upgraded member )
Overall Ranking: 50/100

What is My Amazing Life?

My Amazing Life is a new network marketing program to be launched on July 01, 2015. It is created by Internet Marketer Thomas Sullivan, a well-known founder of many programs like Armchair Millionaire, Automatic Wealth, Matrix-Millionaire and many others.

It focuses on creating teams comprised of members who each does their share to recruit referrals with everyone benefiting from the combined effort.

As in his previous programs, this again includes a downline builder feature which he also owns and online marketing program in the form of advertising credits that allows members to promote their own businesses/programs to their My Amazing Life referrals.

My Amazing Life Detailed Overview

Having been in the network marketing industry for many years, Thomas Sullivan created another program that will allow people to join together as teams to help each other in their network marketing efforts.

Although My Amazing Life has products to sell, selling these products is not your main goal with these type of programs. Your goal is to recruit others to your downline so that you can earn commissions from their efforts, resulting in residual monthly income for you.MAL 02

Here are the products associated with My Amazing Life program:

1.) Financial Success – Discover the secrets of earning a great income online from someone who went from broke and desperate to earning over $ 1,000,000.

2.) Health Success – Discover the 3 essential oils with huge beneficial qualities that everyone should be using daily for better skin, hair, nails, gums and overall health.

3.) Mental Success – Discover how simple it is to be happy, regardless of your situation. The powerful 14-day course that will make you see life in a whole new way.

4.) Marketing Success – Receive 50,000 advertising credits every month you are a member to promote your own business/products on a high-profile website.

With the above products, expect more upsells to come aside from the monthly membership fee of $ 24.95 per month.

What Makes My Amazing Life so Popular in its Pre-launch?

With his vast knowledge of advertising ideas, Thomas Sullivan tries to attract more people to join with his new upcoming program. Using promotional tools like giving $ 2,000 total worth of cash  bonuses to be given away to top 3 sponsors of upgraded members on its launch date will enable expert internet marketers to have an outright profit from the program.MAL 08

Here are some of the positive and negative aspects of this program.


1.) you earn big commissions if you can build a big team.

2.) you can promote your own business to your MAL downlines using your 50,000 advertising credits every month as long as you are an upgraded member.

3.) possible to earn big bucks if you put your effort to work at it.


1.) not recommended for beginners to start with this kind of network marketing business.

2.) you are not included in any compensation plan if you only purchased products without paying your monthly subscription.

3.) if you cancel your subscription, you will be reverted back as a free member and can no longer have access to any of the upgraded membership products or commission from sales.

Can you Really have an Amazing Life with this Program?

This program offers a very powerful 2-UP Powerline Compensation Plan for members who wish to promote the My Amazing Life business and sell their products. This is how it works.

Your first 2 sales are passed up to your sponsor as ” Qualifying Sales ” and the Power My Amazing Life Compensation Plan really kicks in!

The 3rd sales onwards earn you 100% product commission earning you $ 20.00.

Every member under you creating 2 sales are passed up to you creating 2 new paying Powerlines for you.

Twist those two members make their first two sales.

They again are passed up to you which creates 4 new paying Powerlines for you.

Every time one of your Powerline makes 2 sales effectively doubling the amount of Powerlines you have and doubling your 100% commissions.

You start earning $ 20 and with 1024 Powerlines you earn $ 92,780 up to 16384 Powerlines you earn $ 1,448,700.

This earning potential goes on for Infinity with your Powerlines growing and growing.

This compensation plan allows their members to earn a monthly residual income receiving 100% commissions from their referrals sales.

What can you expect from support? 

If you send a support ticket, you can expect a reply within 24 hours from the admin.

Now it is still in prelaunch, members can have a chat with the owner, I don’t know if you can still contact him once this program is launched?

No live 24/7 help and support.MAL 05

My Final Opinion of My Amazing Life

This network marketing program can be definitely helpful for building downlines, especially since it emphasizes a team effort. That being said, it still takes a concerted effort on every individual’s part to be successful with it.

An expert marketer with a big following can earn big commissions with this program but with the inclusion of some products which adds up to the cost of subscription, I think this program will not last long.

Some people find that they are just not up to it.

Overall, the program is good for those who really work it.

With this program still in its pre-launch stage, we still don’t know how successful it will be. But most programs like this are only successful in the first few months, depending how effective their ad campaigns will be.

I will be updating this review once it will be launched.

Summarized Overview

Product Name: My Amazing Life
Owner: Thomas Sullivan
Price: $ 24.95/month ( for upgraded member )
Overall Ranking: 50/100

If you have any questions about the product or the program, feel free to comment below. I will attend to your questions immediately.

If you want to know how I was able to build my online business, click here to find out my no.1 recommended program.

Thank you for reading my latest review.



4 thoughts on “My Amazing Life Review – Is it going to be another scam?”

  1. Looks like a very interesting take on a marketing/earn online product until we get to the ‘bones’ of it. Thanks for covering this. I think people will have a much clearer view of what this program actually is now.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Chris. Usually, the ones profiting from this kind of network marketing program are those who have a big team. But if there are upsells that will not be beneficial to the members, I think some will opt out later if they spend more than what they will earn from the program.

  2. Hello Ferdie. Thanks for the review. I have associated myself with some network companies before and only one I am still currently using due to the highly ethical practices and products.
    The program you described will be very difficult to promote in my opinion because of the lack of beneficial products. Potentially it will attract people who don’t know how difficult to build a large successful team or have a large amount of contacts from previous businesses. I guess the time will tell.

    1. Thank you for dropping by Milla. It’s really hard to build up a team as I’ve tried network marketing before. But if you have already a big team, as a leader you also make big profits from network working. It entails hard work to profit with this kind of business.

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