Jaaxy Review – The Best Keyword Research Tool of All Time

Product Name: Jaaxy logoJaaxy
Website URL: Jaaxy.com
Owners: Kyle and Carson
Price: $ 0 for FREE
$ 19/month; $ 199/year for PRO
$ 49/month; $ 499/year for ENTERPRISE
Overall Rating: 95 out of 100

What is Jaaxy?

Jaaxy is an online keyword research tool that was designed/owned by Kyle and Carson, also the founders of Wealthy Affiliate. It is intended to quickly reveal the most profitable keywords on an initial root keyword phrase.

It then returns a list of the top associated keyword phrases, as well as competitive information and other associated keyword phrases. It allows users to drill down on each phrase to reveal even more keyword phrases. It also provides at a glance visual cues that indicate how easily a keyword phrase can rank in the search engines.

As compared to Google Adwords keyword tool, Jaaxy keyword research tool provides more accurate results as it actually pulls its data from Yahoo and Bing, as well as Google.

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What are the Jaaxy Features that Makes it the Best

Keyword Research Feature


keyword research

Jaaxy provides a Keyword Quality Index ( KQI ) which is a color coded gadget, similar to a traffic light unit:

You will get a visual clue for each keyword: RED, ORANGE or GREEN

Green = Easy ranking

Orange = More competitive but ranking possible with good SEO

Red = Too competitive

Jaaxy SEO Power

This is a numeric value given to each keyword and ranges from 0 to 100. The higher the number, the easier it is to rank for the keyword phrase.

The Alphabet Soup Technique Feature

This is a new feature added to Jaaxy. The Alphabet Soup can give you an endless supply of keywords/ideas and give you an indication of what real people are searching for in Google. In Jaaxy, it does the whole process for you.

Site Rank Feature

In this section, you will know your website ranking in Google, also what your competition is doing. You will know all of these using the Site Rank and Search Analysis. You will learn the process of website research, understanding your rankings in Google and exactly where you are ranked and show you how to determine where your competition is ranked and what they are doing.

This feature allows you to enter a keyword phrase and URL to quickly check where the page ranks in the search engines.


Jaaxy searches to see if any content posted on the web is ranking for the keyword phrase. This includes videos, articles and Web 2.0 properties.

Jaaxy is the most efficient tool in the world at capture “ Site Rank “ information and probing the SEO strategies of the top 10 search results in Google.com, Bing.com and Yahoo.com for any search term.

site rank feature

Website SERPS Feature

Jaaxy also provides competitive information for the top ranking for your selected keyword phrase. The data provided is as follows:

Quantity of Backlinks – The number of backlinks do not matter as much as the quality of the links. This will help you to determine your backlinking strategy.

Word Count – How many words are used on the ranking page. This stat helps to quickly gauge what sort of length is appropriate to rank for the keyword phrase.

Page Rank – Gives you a quick view of the page rank of the sites. Sometimes PR0 sites with quality content can outrank PR7 sites with a large number of backlinks.

Affiliate Programs Feature

If you want to sell niche products, Jaaxy will search using the desired keyword phrase for associated products. Affiliate networks currently include Commission Junction, Link Share ( Rakuten ), Digital River and Click Bank.

Brainstorm Feature

This feature reports on the trending topics which can generate ideas what to market. You come up with ideas or you can take an existing and very broad idea and plug it into Jaaxy and get a wide range or more narrowed down niche ideas. This is a very good tool for affiliate marketers.

brainstorm feature


  1. Offers a free membership – 30 free searches
  2. Unlimited searches per month for PRO and ENTERPRISE members.
  3. Gives you 25+ other keyword ideas and their data with just one search.
  4. A lot of additional features.
  5. Very accurate data.
  6. You can perform up to 5 searches at once.
  7. You will not have to install or download anything.


Sometimes the QSR feature shows 0 when it should not be.

How much does Jaaxy cost?

Jaaxy has three membership options:

  1. JAAXY FREE – This membership is FREE. It will give you a taste of everything it has to offer. 30 FREE keyword searches with all the data you need, the whole Site feature and more.
  2. JAAXY PRO – costs $ 19/month or $ 199/year. You get unlimited searches for your keywords, SEO analysis, it’s 2x faster than the FREE and more.
  3. JAAXY ENTERPRISE – costs $ 49/month or $ 499/year. It is the absolute greatest tool you can use for your website. You can get everything you’d get with JAAXY PRO/FREE unlimited. You’ll get instant competition ( QSR ), Domain Availability, it’s even 10x faster than the other two.

Become a FREE Member and Get The Bonuses Below:

Bonus No.1: 1,000 High Traffic, Low Competition Keywords. Download 1,000 hand picked keywords that are set-up for SEO success.

Bonus No. 2: Niches, Keywords, Success. Download your Niche Research Bonus and learn how to utilize Jaaxy to uncover hot niches in minutes. This guide will be your handbook for Niche Research.

Bonus No. 3: Domain Industry Secrets. Secrets to tapping into the billion dollar industry. How to uncover low-cost domains and sell them for much more. Your guide to domain flipping… made easy with Jaaxy.

Want to Try Searching for Quality Keywords Using the Jaaxy Free 30?

Just type the keyword or phrase you want to research and click ” Search for Keywords “.

Final Thoughts on Jaaxy

With all the above features, you can have a proper selection of a domain name, right keywords or phrases to use in your content creation to have a high ranking in search engines.

Having a high ranking in search engines result in a high volume of traffic to your website. This traffic will then convert into customers that make sales for you. Can you imagine how you become successful in your online business using the Jaaxy keyword research tool? You may only try to master the usage of this awesome keyword research tool and you’re good to go.


Summarized Overview:

Product Name: Jaaxy
Website URL: Jaaxy.com
Owners: Kyle and Carson
Price: $ 0 for FREE
$ 19/month; $ 199/year for PRO
$ 49/month; $ 499/year for ENTERPRISE
Overall Rating: 95 out of 100

If you have any questions about Jaaxy, feel free to comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks for stopping by.


6 thoughts on “Jaaxy Review – The Best Keyword Research Tool of All Time”

  1. Good review Ferdie!

    I use Jaaxy myself, so I can confirm everything you have said. It’s definitely the real deal!

    Just wondered why you only gave it 90/100? 🙂 With 7 Pros and only 1 Con – don’t you reckon it deserves more like 95/100? (Only kidding really)

    Ellie from WA

    1. Hello Ellie,
      Thanks for a positive comment. Jaaxy is really very useful in searching for the right keyword for a blog or an article. Instead of spending a considerable amount of time researching for keywords using other keyword research tool, jaaxy will give accurate results in a matter of minutes.

  2. I’ve only just signed up for a Jaaxy pro account, after being impressed with it during the trial period. I hope to be able to use the tool to its full advantage. Searching for ranking keywords before writing each new post has become a habit. I hope that with using the Site Rank feature, I’ll be able to see how my sites SEO ranking eventually improves. How long have you been using Jaaxy?

    1. As we all know, the ranking of a blog or an article depends on the right selection of keywords and creating a quality content around it. By using Jaaxy, you are in an advantaged position because you are using a very accurate tool that can make your site rank higher in search engines.

      I have been using Jaaxy as a FREE member for almost five months now so I know how useful it is. Thank you for stopping by.

  3. Hi, you are lucky for having such a tool at hand. I did use it only for the free 30 searches which you mentioned.

    I did not understand why you were saying that 0 QSR should not be. This is possible, do not you think? In fact the whole concept of QSR is not completely clear to me.You compete with many other keywords. not only with the exact phrase, this is reality I think.

    It seems you did not mention that Jaaxy itself has a very lucrative affiliate program. That is why you wrote this post I believe.

    1. Hello Jovo,
      About the 0 result you get for QSR, I think you are right, especially if you are searching for a long-tail keyword. You’ll get 0 if really there’s no competition.
      I’m still thinking if I’m going to write another post for the Jaaxy affiliate program or I’ll just insert within my review post. Anyway, thanks for dropping by.


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