Jaaxy Affiliate Program

Jaaxy is a keyword research tool used to find low competition keywords, to break down a niche and to find a good and keyword-rich domain names.

Being a Free member of Jaaxy, you have free 30 search credits and you can earn more search credits by letting other people know about the free access to Jaaxy.

It’s really an easy sell because you are not selling anything. You are only spreading the word about Jaaxy, giving away free access to the top keyword, market,and niche research tool online.

How Jaaxy Affiliate Program Works

Every person that joins Jaaxy automatically becomes a Jaaxy affiliate. You can jaaxy freepromote Jaaxy through your affiliate link by finding them at Affiliate Program>Affiliate Resources.

For every person you refer to Jaaxy that signs up for free, you will earn 10 seach credits. If you are lucky enough to get a number of free sign ups by just sharing the benefits of using Jaaxy, you can use the tool full time for free because of the free search credits you got by signing up free members as your referrals.

These free members that you refer to Jaaxy become your referrals for life. If at anytime in the future, they will upgrade to a Pro membership, you earn $ 8/month or $ 80 per year as affiliate commission.

If your referral upgrade to an Enterprise membership, you earn $ 20/month or $ 200 per year as affiliate commission.

5 Techniques You can Implement to Earn More Search Credits

(1) Social Networks – If you are part of more than one social network and you have friends or you’re a member of a group, you can share your affiliate link as some of them might be interested in a free service like Jaaxy.

Here are some places you can share your affiliate link:

1. Your Facebook Wall
2. Share it on your Friends Facebook Wall
3. Within Facebook Groups
4. Tweet about it on Twitter
5. Share it on Google +
6. Share it within your LinkedIn Account
7. Pin an image on the Jaaxy page and add your affiliate link (on Pinterest)
8. Share it within your MySpace account
9. Post it on your Tumblr pages
10.Share it on any other social network that you’re a member of.

(2) Email Your List – If you have a mailing list in the Internet marketing niche, you can promote Jaaxy about the free search offer. You are not only going to get free search credits but you are likely to earn a good amount of revenue if some of them are going to end up signing-up and upgrading to Pro or Enterprise membership.

If you don’t have a mailing list , then you can email your friends your affiliate link, telling them about the Jaaxy 30 Free, giving them some insight into the tool and the benefits. If someone is interested in online business and in order for them to succeed online, they must need to understand keywords and Jaaxy would be a big help to them.

(3) Create a YouTube Video – If you are a video creator, creating a keyword research tutorial or creating a Jaaxy review and then dropping your affiliate link within the description can lead to a lot of exposure and a lot of referrals.

(4) Promote Jaaxy on your website – If you have a website on make money online or internet marketing niche, you can promote Jaaxy 30 Free. There are several ways you could easily benefit from this:

1. Create a blog post explaining Jaaxy 30 Free
2. Create a keyword research tutorial of you using Jaaxy
3. Offer a challenge or contest that people are entered into if they join Jaaxy Free
4. Give away keywords, and tell people where they can get more (for free)
5. Add the Jaaxy Search Toolbar to your website

(5) Forums – If you are a member of any online Forum, you can let people know about Jaaxy Free. Add your Jaaxy link to your affiliate signature with appropriate supporting text.
Ex. Get 30 free searches using Jaaxy, the Best Keyword Research Tool of All Time.

Benefits of Using Jaaxy Based on 3 Membership

Here are the features of a Jaaxy Free :

Keyword Searches – Limit of 30.
Keyword Competition – None.
Instant Competition ( QSR ) – None
Alphabet Soup Search – 5 Results
Domain Availability – None.
Multi-Tabbed Search – None
SEO Analysis – Yes
Search History – None
Website Analyzer – Yes
Affiliate Program Finder – Yes
Keyword List Manager – Yes
Data Sorting – None
Brainstorm Idea Feed – Yes
Speed – 1x
Affiliate Program – Yes
Best For – Getting Started

Features of a Jaaxy Pro ( Cost: $19/month or $ 199/year )

Keyword Searches – Unlimited
Keyword Competition – Yes
Instant Competition ( QSR ) – Manual
Alphabet Soup Search – 15 Results
Domain Availability – Manual
Multi-Tabbed Search – 2 tabs
SEO Analysis – Yes
Search History – Yes
Website Analyzer – Yes
Affiliate Program Finder – Yes
Keyword List Manager – Yes
Data Sorting – None
Brainstorm Idea Feed – Yes
Speed – 2x
Affiliate Program – Yes
Best For – New Websites

Features of a Jaaxy Enterprise ( Cost: $ 49/month or $ 499/year )

Keyword Searches – Unlimited
Keyword Competition – Yes
Instant Competition ( QSR ) – Instant
Alphabet Soup Search – 50 Results
Domain Availability – Instant
Multi-Tabbed Search – 5 tabs
SEO Analysis – Yes ( 5x speed )
Search History – Yes
Website Analyzer – Yes
Affiliate Program Finder – Yes
Keyword List Manager – Yes
Data Sorting – Yes
Brainstorm Idea Feed – Yes
Speed – 5x
Affiliate Program – Yes
Best For – Power Users

Jaaxy Affiliate program

Final Thoughts of Jaaxy Affiliate Program

Being a Wealthy Affiliate Premium member, automatically you’re also a Free member of Jaaxy with free 30 search credits. You can also register for a Jaaxy Free account HERE if you are not a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

I’m using Jaaxy as a Free member because of the free search credits I earned from referrals signing up as Jaaxy Free members.

With these free search credits, I used to search for low competition keywords which I can use for creating quality content for an article of my website.

Why I use Jaaxy instead of other free keyword research tools? It is simple to use, it offers clarity within a world that can be confusing. It gets at data points that no other keyword tool is able to get at with such efficiency.

With the Jaaxy Affiliate Program, you are helping others to achieve online success by giving them a chance to test Jaaxy through a Free account. they can use it to build keyword campaigns, store keyword lists and find some real keyword gems.

In this way, they can determine its usefulness in building an online business. It’s up to them to either upgrade or stay as a Free member.

So don’t let this free tool passes you by without trying it for free. Experience how to use the top keyword tool online, a tool that can be used anywhere as long as there is Internet, no installs required. It can be used on your smartphone or iPad.

Sign-up for a Free Jaaxy Account Now

If you want to know more about Jaaxy, read about my Jaaxy Review Here. Have more questions about this affiliate program? Please leave your comments below and I’ll get back to you soon. Thanks for dropping by.


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    1. Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is a legitimate online education program where you are taught about affiliate marketing. Due to fraud, free membership is not offered here in the Philippines. If you really wanted to join Wealthy Affiliate, you can, but as a Premium member with a monthly membership of $49.00. Thank you for stopping by.

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