Humanatic, Getting Paid Weekly Reviewing Calls

Are you looking for a free work from home opportunity online? Then here is the answer. You can join humanatic and get paid weekly  just by  reviewing calls. I know some of you are reluctant to join as there are many scams out there but I can guarantee you that this is a legitimate work from home and it’s free to join.

What is Humanatic?

Humanatic is a fun app where you get paid for listening to other peoples’ phone calls. It’s that simple. Answer a single question about each call that you review and you will receive a payout that can be redeemed via PayPal.

humanatic beta

How to Sign Up

In order to join Humanatic, you must have a valid and verified PayPal account.  If you do not have a PayPal account, you must have to create one.

Once you have a PayPal account, sign up through this link : After you have submitted an application with Humanatic, you will receive an email notification. It will take up to 3 – 5 business days to be reviewed by a member of their administrative team. Once your application has been processed, you will be emailed information regarding the final decision. If it is approved, you will also be provided in the email your username and password to get started.

How to Get Started

Once your application has been approved, you can start reviewing calls. At first, you are only given two categories to start with.

To begin reviewing calls in Humanatic, the first step is to select a category.

A category is simply a question that needs to be answered for a set of calls. You will listen to each call in a category and provide an answer to the same question for each call.

Each time you answer this question for a call, you will receive a payment.

Reviewing a Call

Reviewing a call within a category is really quite easy. You simply listen to the call audio, and then answer a single question about that call.

The example below is a call in the “ Live conversation – inbound “ category, so you will listen to an inbound call that was made by a customer to a business. All you have to do is identify whether or not the caller connected to their intended party.

Live conversation inbound

You can find the Review Calls page by rolling your mouse over your name in the top-right corner, and select the “ Category List “ tab from the drop down menu. You will be redirected to the Category list page, where you can select the category you would like to begin reviewing in. Before starting you will be redirected to an overview that outlines how to review calls in that specific category. You will be asked to initial the instructions at the bottom of the page, and then you will be ready to start reviewing calls.

You can always access the instructions again by clicking on the “ overview “ link found beneath each category name on the Review calls page.

How Much Can You Earn

Your earnings in Humanatic depends on how much time you allocate yourself to review calls. Another factor that affects your earnings is your accuracy. Be careful not to commit mistakes as your earnings will be decreased everytime you are penalized for a wrong answer.

Your accuracy scores display the percentage of your reviewed calls that have been audited and found to be accurately reviewed. It is not solely based on your reviews alone but it will be based on the audits conducted on the reviews that you have performed in the most recent two-week period.

Humanatic earnings

Eligibility for New Categories

Eligibility for new categories is determined by your review history and the accuracy of these reviews. You can view the categories that you are eligible to unlock on the Review calls page. These categories will be deployed  below your active categories.

Each locked category has requirements that must be met before being unlocked. Your progress towards meeting these requirements can be monitored by the provided status bar. As you make progress you will see the status bar fill up with a solid green bar. This means you are on the right track with both accuracy and review count. If you are not in the right track, the status bar will be white with red text letting you know that your accuracy is too low to qualify.

You must meet both accuracy and review count requirements to unlock a category, and if you previously lost access to any categories, reactivation is at the discretion of the Humanatic administrative team.

Deactivation from categories is a result of low accuracy percentages. These deactivations will happen automatically by the system and manually by the Humanatic administrative team when your accuracy has fallen below the required 95 – 100 %.

How do You Get Paid

Once you have earned $10 or more, click on “ My Account “ in the dropdown menu under your name on your profile page. Look for the “ Request a payout “ link then simply click it and then click “ Submit “.

Payout requests are to be made by Monday before 12 noon eastern ( US ) time. Any payout requests made after 12 noon eastern 9 US ) time on Mondays wil not be processed until the following pay period week.

Payments are processed on Monday and Tuesday with the last payment being made no later than 7:00 PM EST Tuesday.

Your payment amount is less than what you requested as there is a fee charged by PayPal for using them as a Third party source to process payments through.

humanatic earnings



If you are looking for a free work from home opportunity without being scammed, this is now your chance. Although your earnings from Humanatic could not replace your income from your day job, it can supplement to pay your bills or other expenses. But others are earning substantial amount that can augment in their everyday expenses.

I’ve been a Humanatic reviewer for three weeks and I can say that it is worthwhile spending your time with Humanatic. If you are starting an online business and need funds to keep it going, you can try Humanatic.

If you have questions or you may want to join this free work from home opportunity, please leave your comments below and I will be willing to assist you.



6 thoughts on “Humanatic, Getting Paid Weekly Reviewing Calls”

  1. Hi Ferdie,

    I am interested to join in this opportunity, please assist me.

    Thank you and looking forward for your reply.


    1. Hello Alvin,

      This is a free work from home opportunity, so there is no risk losing money. In fact I’m already on my 5th week on this opportunity and I can assure you you’ll be addicted to it.

      Ok, I will assist you as long as you have already a verified paypal account. This is their number 1 requirement before you can sign up for humanatic. It is where they will send your instant weekly payment.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  2. Brother, my application was rejected by Humanatic and they wrote it because conflict of interest. Can you please tell me what to write in employment description???
    I will apply new Humanatic I.d from another PayPal account. Reply me to my Gmail account please.

    1. Hello Narendra,
      The most common reason for a denied application is due to the employment history description presenting a conflict of interest. If ever you send an application again, please try to answer the form very carefully like the one that asks about your previous job. You have to explain and answer it very well for you to get approved. Sometimes it might be that registration is not open for additional applicants. I hope you’ll be accepted the next time you apply. Good luck.

  3. Hello Ferdie,

    i just created an account with Humanatic already, but i cant find how to link my paypal account on it can you help me out?, or do i need to wait for some time.

    1. Hello Charles,

      If you were able to create an account with Humanatic, your PayPal account is already linked to it. Log in to your humanatic account, go to your Profile page and click settings. There you can see your payment information. Thanks for stopping by.


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