How to Promote your Business More Effectively?

When you started your home business, you had high expectations. You have promoted by posting on your Facebookgraph-752712_1280 page and telling all of your offline friends and former business associates about your home business. But after you launched your business, customers have been few. All those you’ve invited, most are not returning your call. And those people who do have initial interest in your product or service don’t want to spend the money to buy it.

How can you keep your home business dreams alive?

Expand your network.

Your family and friends may be supportive of what you’re doing, but they may not be the best sources of referrals. So, consider who would make a good customer and then look for ways to meet those people. Depending on what you sell, you can join local civic associations, trade shows, professional conferences, formal lead-sharing groups, and phone calls can be all effective.

Also, networking online through social media groups and sites, and online forums if done correctly. Don’t spam the sites or groups with ad for your products or service. Just participate in and contribute helpful information to the group that are likely to include prospects for your services and you will get known.

Optimize your Social Media Profiles.

Set up a business-oriented social media profile on the major social media sites and a business set up page as well. Be sure your personal profile looks professional. Even if you point people to a business page, those who want to do business with you may also look for your personal pages.

Get a professional looking website set up.

No matter how many social media groups you participate in or how many local networking groups you belong to,www-751513_1280 potential customers are likely to take a look at your website before they call you to discuss your services. If you sell products, selling online make it easy for your customers to buy no matter what time of the day or night they want to shop.

Talk to people.

Anyone and everyone, as circumstance allow, the person seated next to you at a social gathering, or even the person in front of you or beside you on the airplane, might be a customer. Start a conversation, find out what they do, and eventually they’re likely to ask what you do. Sometimes having a background on marketing gives you an added advantage to close a sale with a prospect.

Advertise on the web.

Depending what you sell, pay per click advertising can be an affordable way to find targeted customers for your home business. Even if you just sell to consumers or businesses in your local area, pay per click can be helpful. If someone search on the web looking for a local dentist, using the phrase ” local dentist in….” and be directed to a website that has a number to call the local dentist, this shows another way of promoting your business  effectively.

Don’t tell people you run a home business. 

Although more than half of the small business are home based, many people still think it’s risky to do business with a home business. If you’re renting an office space for your office support service business you probably wouldn’t tell people you run a business. You’d say you provide office support services. Home is just the location of the office. It’s the business – the product or service you provide – that’s important.

Give a demonstration.

If you’re promoting a business like website building,  find a way on how to convince would-be customers. Build a website for a friend for free, and use the site as part of your portfolio. A proof of your business makes a customer  trust you and also shows that it is a legitimate one.

Learn from others in your industry.

Attend meetings where people talk about their successes and problems. Read trade publications, get to know who’s who in the industry. Then find ways to introduce yourself to people you’d like to get to know. If you can’t meet them in person, try calling them. Don’t waste their time. Have a specific question or problem in mind that you’d like them to help with. Then follow up with a note thanking them and telling them how much you appreciate their help.

Stay in touch.

Just because a prospect doesn’t buy today doesn’t mean they won’t buy. This is particularly true if you sell to businesses. Some industries and some products have very long buying cycles. Even if the initial prospect doesn’t buy, they may give your name to someone who does.

Make your online promotions more successful?

Whatever business you have, whether offline or online, it is more effective to have a website. Having a website, yoursearch-engine-optimization-411347_1280 business will be known globally, provided you know how websites work.

1. You must know the search engine process so you can get the best exposure possible. SEO is an important tool for getting visitors to your website. It is a very important aspect of any website’s success. You can explore search engine marketing, wherein you pay to have a text ad appear when visitors search for certain words.

2. Offer a free gift to anyone who registers on your site or subscribes to e-newsletters. Send out weekly e-mail newsletters to registered site members that offer tips and news related to your company or industry with links back to your site.

3. Offer free content to other sites. It’s a win-win situation; The other site gets free articles to beef up their offerings and you get a link back to your site and the cachet of being an expert.

4. Send a well-planned, customer-focused e-mail promotion to a targeted list of potential visitors.  Offer a credit toward the purchase of anything from your site.

5. When creating your own ads, make sure you understand who you’re targeting. The goal of your campaign, and how to creatively use the ad confines to get viewers to click on your ad, not away from it.

6. Use other selling venues like online classified advertising or online auction sites to increase exposure to your site and products.

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With many businesses now abound and tend to have close competitions with each other, you must make your business stand out from the rest. For your business to be successful, exploit all the means to make it the best.

If you don’t take advantage of the tools available to you, you’re not running your business in the best way possible. You should be constantly testing and tracking your efforts to know which works best for your website.

A clean site that is easy to navigate will be more profitable than a confusing site. This is especially important during checkout. You need a clear and easy process.

If you have questions or some feedback about the topics discussed above, feel free to leave your comments below and I will attend to it immediately as I can.

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