How to Make your Website Sell – Know the Techniques

How can your website turn tire kickers into pre-sold customers? Know some of the techniques that make yourstreet-sign-562573_1280 website sell. How is it possible? Make your marketing do the selling. And there is no better medium to pre-sell your prospect than with your website. The unfortunate truth, however, is that very few small business website accomplish a goal.

Keep on reading to learn the several techniques of pre-selling websites that will have your prospects begging to do business with you.

The ultimate pre-selling sin is to talk about how great your small business is

That may sound different from what you expect, after all, is that the reason why prospects visit your website? On the contrary, people visit your website to get more information. During the initial stage of the buying process, people are information hungry.

That is why the first technique is to give away useful information for free. Well, not totally for free. make the visitor to your website give you their email address in exchange for your information.

In fact, this is so important that it should be the primary objective of your website – to get your visitor’s contact information. Once you have their email addresses you will be able to send your marketing message to them again and again at no cost.

Offer visitors to your website interesting special reports or email courses on topics that position you as the expert and set your business stand out from the competition. Your report could be buying tips, questions you should ask before buying, what to look for when buying, or how to know if the person you’re doing business with is legitimate. This information will not only educate your prospect, but also make them very sympathetic to you because you are trying to help them make an educated decision.

People are so tired of being ” sold to ” that they are enormously skeptical.

They become even more skeptical when you begin to sing your own praises. But, when other people who have no vested interest in your success sing your praises it has a magical effect. That is why testimonials are so powerful.

You should be an avid collector of customer testimonials. They are perhaps the single most powerful, overlooked marketing tool in your arsenal. You should have them all over your website. But don’t make the mistake of placing them all on one page titled ” Testimonials ” that is too predictable.

Sprinkle your customer testimonials all over your site. The testimonials you use on your website do not have to come from customers. Your testimonials could also come from industry experts. For instance if you won an award, why not ask one of the judges to give you a testimonial that you can use on your website.

Perhaps your business was given a local award. Instead of displaying the award, use positive comments made about your business from the award sponsor as a testimonial on your website.

In fact, the quotes you use do not have to be specifically about your business. You can place quotes on your website from noted authorities who make positive comments about the benefits of your product or service.

Create an ” About Me ” page on your website.

People who search your website want to know that you are real and not a bunch of words on cyberspace. An ” About Me ” webpage humanizes your website and builds trust and rapport with your visitors.

On your ” About Me ” page tell your visitors about how your business began, how it has grown over the years and include interesting stories about you.People are natural voyeurs and like to know about other people’s lives.

This part of your website will allow your visitors to get to know you on a human level. Remember, people buy from those who they know like and most of all – trust.

Because your ” About Me ” web page is about you, it is an appropriate place to talk about your awards, recognitions, and achievements. We owe this important information into your personal story and experiences.About me 01

Use case studies in addition to your testimonials on your website.

 Case studies are a form of testimonial that tells how specific problems were solved. An example of a case study maybe someone with a physical affliction that is improved as a result of your product or service.

For instance, one of your customers who specifically purchased your product to help resolve their lower back pain problems and after several months their back pain went away. This would be a perfect case study to place on your website.

Your customer may have been suffering from severe medical or psychological problem, or some other ailment that improved as a result of your product or service. The key to writing a dynamite case study is to explain the problem, present the solution that solved the problem and describe the positive results that your customer receive as a result of purchasing your product or service.

Use persuasive, emotional copy to describe your products and services.

A common mistake is to only present cryptic, boring specifications and data to describe your product. Make that information available through a link, but highlight the emotional reasons why your prospect should choose your product over another.

Each product or service should have its own mini-sales letter to describe its benefits. There is an easy way to do this. Get a piece of paper and draw a vertical line in the middle. List all of your product or service’s features in the left column and their associated benefits in the right column. Once you have done this exercise it is a snap to write compelling descriptions that play on your visitors’ emotional heartstrings.

Another important key when writing copy for your website is to make your product descriptions come alive. Use the power of video, well-done video that not only can save someone a lot of reading but that also standardizes your sales pitch, so the message you’re conveying is consistent and exactly how you want it.

The final pre-selling technique is to differentiate a business in a meaningful way.

Your website should clearly explain to your visitor how your company is different from any other competing business. You not only need to make your unique competitive advantage clear and concise, but it must take your visitor by surprise and wow them.


These are some of the lead-conversion techniques that work for e-businesses in the online world. Most of them come with one big caveat: there’s no guarantee that what works today will work tomorrow.

It depends greatly on the products or services you’re trying to sell, the kind of prospecting you do, the quality of leads you’re getting and how simple or complex your product or service is.

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12 thoughts on “How to Make your Website Sell – Know the Techniques”

  1. Great article!
    Full of insights and tips that will help, especially those that are new in marketing as well as, those who wish to improve their skills.
    Adding an emotional aspect is an excellent point. Emotions move one to action!
    All very good, helpful recommendations. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for dropping by Rosilyn. This is really helpful for internet marketers whether they are new or old. The secrets or the techniques in how to succeed in internet marketing is very important and should be taken into account if someone wants to succeed online. The reason why most of the internet marketers, including the bloggers as well, don’t see success is they lack some of these techniques.

  2. Hi Ferdie,
    You are absolutely right about the fact that people are tired of being sold to. I have realize that more people are becoming aware that people are in a hurry to sell to them and make profit, so they really want to read your post and if they realize you are a sales person rather than an honest product reviewer, they will not come back.
    You have made it clear how important the about me page is to your website, I think this page build a lot of credibility if you have it on your site. Thank you for this post!

    1. Thank you for dropping by, Douglas. Now we know how important the ” About Me ” page in a website. It is the first thing we must look for to know how legitimate a website is. Most of those get rich quick schemes sometimes use fictitious names in their ” About Me ” so they are outrightly deceiving their would be customers. They will succeed only for a short term not in the long run.

  3. Hey there, I love the idea of selling websites. I have been creating websites for about a year now but I’ve never thought about selling them. Thank you for all the insights, I will looking forward to more info.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Kyle. Feel free to come back and check my website for more information. It’s great to know you’re a website creator, you can make money by offering your service to others.

  4. hi Ferdie
    so much good info in this article! Wow, lots of great insights. I have a newsletter for my site but I don’t think I am using it to its fullest. I do have some visitors’ email addresses and think I should find a way to use them to engage the visitors. All of this does require time but I think if it makes people come back to your site, it is worth it. And I agree that it is so important to have an About me page. People have to know who is behind the site in order to trust them

    1. What I think of “About Me ” page is the selling point of a website. It is there where you can see the sincerity of the website owner. It should include a little story about him/her to show visitors who really is this guy trying to sell something to customers.

  5. Hello, your post is very informative for beginners.
    I especially liked “About Me information”. It’s true that you must make people trust your site, otherwise it’s not going to work.
    Anyway, it’s a well written post. Good luck man

    1. One of the many ways to attract customers is letting them know more about you. Before you are able to sell your product, you must first sell yourself to them. Build relationship with your prospects by providing some values to them. Offer help if they need some and in no time, they will become your customers.

  6. I should take note of many of these tips. I’ve never been good at selling myself. Maybe it’s a confidence thing. Testimonials are are great idea. Thanks

    1. The success of any business whether a brick and mortar or an online business depends greatly on marketing techniques. Knowing some of these techniques is really a great help to everybody trying to find out ways how to succeed.

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