How to Make Money Online Using Twitter

Did you know that Twitter has over 500 million users? Being one of the highest trafficked sites on the Internet, if you want to make money online, you can leverage twitter.

If you have already something to sell, maybe you already have a business online or a physical store that you need more customers for, then you can tap into 500 million users of Twitter.

What is Twitter?

It is basically a website that lets you broadcast messages called tweets and anyone who is following you will be able to receive your broadcasted messages.

Likewise, if you follow other twitter users, you’ll get to receive their tweets. This lets you stay in touch with them.

Sign up for a Twitter Account

The first thing you need to do is sign up for a Twitter account. It is free and will take only a few minutes. Go to and provide a name, email and password.


Do not use your primary email for twitter as you can get a lot of notifications from them. Now that you have a twitter account, let’s move on to the three ways to make money using Twitter.

Three Ways to Make Money Using Twitter

Sell Your Tweets

If you have a large following on twitter, you can make money selling tweets. There are people with things to sell that want to get in front of your thousands of followers. They’ll pay you good money to promote their message.

How to do it

Get Followers: First, you must build up a significant number of followers in twitter. Your immediate goal is to get 100,000 followers. Getting 1 million followers is your long term goal.

Getting to 100,000 followers is actually quite easy. Here are the steps to take if you’ll want to get there.

  • Tweet about topics most people like to read about, like love quotes or inspirational quotes.
  • Tweet regularly, around 3 – 5 tweets per day. If you don’t have time, outsource it.
  • Follow other users and a big portion of them will follow you back because it’s their setting. You can also pay someone $ 5 on to add thousands of followers to your account.
  • Tell all your friends on twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, LinkedIn to be cool and follow you on twitter.
  • Getting to 1 million followers will take more work and time. You can use a software to automate and make the process faster. You can get 100,000 followers in 30 days and 1 million followers in about a year.

Sell tweets: Now that you have 100,000 followers in your twitter account, it’s time to take advantage of this asset and make some money from it.

There are advertisers who have something to sell and want to get in front of your followers.

But how these advertisers be able to find you? And how can you make it easy for these advertisers to pay you?

Sell Tweets on Sponsored Tweets

Sponsored Tweets is a website where thousands of advertisers look for twitter accounts with lots of followers.

Sign up for an account with Sponsored Tweets to list your twitter account, so advertisers can find you and pay you. It’s free to sign up.

sign up page

  • Fill in the email and password that you choose in your twitter account. At this point, you’ve signed into your twitter account.
  • On the next form, select Creator.

sponsoredtweets - account type


  • You’re now ready to set up your Sponsored Tweets account. You’ll need to fill out a form like the one below:


sponsoredtweets - sign up form

Finally, click “ Sign Up “ to finalize your Sponsored Tweets account. Check your email inbox for verification instructions.  Click “ Verify Email “ to verify your Sponsored Tweet account. Then complete all the information needed in your account profile/settings. If you need some help, just click the question mark on the right and you will be brought to izea.zendesk ( ). You can find the answers to your queries in here.

sponsoredtweets - help


After you have a Sponsored Tweets account, you just wait for advertisers to find you and make you an offer. If you’ve built up a large twitter following, it won’t be long before you get an offer.

If an advertiser makes you an offer, tell you what to tweet for her and once you accept the offer and tweet the message, your Sponsored Tweets account will be credited within 24 hours.

To cash out and withdraw the money that is in your Sponsored Tweets account, simply log in and click the “ withdraw “ button.

In order to withdraw, each plan has a cashout threshold and varying early cashout fee.

sponsoredtweets - creator plan

The money will be deposited into your PayPal account. If you don’t have a PayPal account, then you’ll have to open one.

Buy Tweets ( to promote yourself )

If you don’t have time to build a large twitter following, you can pay someone who already has lots of followers to spread your message ( promote your product or service ). But if you don’t have a product to sell, get involve with affiliate marketing.

How to do it

Affiliate marketing is selling other people’s products for a commission. You apply as an affiliate of a certain company and once approved, you can select products to promote with your affiliate links embedded in it.

There are many companies out there that have affiliate programs and are free to sign up. The most popular ones are Amazon, Clickbank and Ebay.

To better understand about affiliate marketing you can read about my No. 1 Recommended Program Here. You can try it for FREE.

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You will have step by step training on how to build an online business, 24/7 help and support within the community and be able to build 2 free websites with free hosting.

If you have already products to sell, you can now use twitter to promote your affiliate links to a large number of people.

Buy Tweets on Sponsored Tweets

Sponsored Tweets is a website where advertisers can easily find twitter accounts with lots of followers. The idea is to pay these twitter accounts a small fee to tweet about your products to their thousands of followers.

Sign up for an account with Sponsored Tweets as an advertiser. The sign-up button is at the bottom of the page.

Then, log into your account and click “ Sponsorship “ button on the left, then

  • Click “ Create New Campaign “.
  • Create your campaign name and set a budget (optional) and then click “Submit”.
  • Click “ Create New Opportunity “.
  • Choose the Opportunity’s Type. You may have the Creators create a blog post, status update, photo or video.
  • For each of the opportunity types, you will fill out a similar form telling the Creators more about your company/product as well as giving them instructions for creating their post.
  • Once your opportunity has been submitted and approved, Creators will begin bidding to be considered for the campaign.
You have two options for your campaign:
  1. Invite Only
  • Allows you to search through the network and select specific Creators to invite to participate in the opportunity. This is ideal if you have a specific Creator in mind or a celebrity that you would like to work with.

sponsoredtweets-invite only


  1. Open Bidding
  • Creators that meet the targeting criteria you have set will be able to view and bid on the opportunity. Once the Creators have submitted their bids, you will be able to vet through the interested Creators and select the ones you would like to participate in the campaign.
  • This is a better route if you are not familiar with the Creators in the network and would like to have multiple Creators posting for you.

sponsoredtweets-open bidding

Finally, the last thing you should consider is the nature of the tweeter’s tweets. You should view the user’s twitter profile and make sure that their tweets are related to the product you’re trying to sell.

Once you’ve decided on the person or persons to promote your product and their asking price, you can fund your account and make them the offer.

To fund your account, just click the “ plus “ sign next to your balance.

Once your offer is made, those users can accept or reject your offer. If they accept, they will follow your instructions and craft a tweet for your approval. Once you approve, they will send it and the funds will be deducted from your account.

Search and Sell

People post their most intimate thoughts on twitter. Most of those thoughts are complaints that are just begging for a solution.

Twitter’s search function allows you to easily sift through the complaints and contact the users directly offering them the opportunity to buy your much-needed solution.

Since you are responding directly to their unique problems, your solution is specific to their needs so they are more likely to buy from you.

How to do it

Search for pain points. Use Twitter’s search bar in the upper right to find pain points.

sponsoredtweets -pain point


Sell your Solution. Click “ Reply “ to contact each user directly to sell your products or services.

sponsoredtweets-open reply


Do this for a few users and your earnings could quickly add up.

Making money online is actually easy if you know exactly what to do and how. All you had to do is follow along and take action.

If you have further questions, please leave your comments below. Thank you for dropping by.



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