How to Get Website Traffic for Free

If you’re a website owner and still not have a large budget to go out and spend in marketing your website, service or product, website trafficyour number 1 solution is to generate free website traffic.

But how can we easily get people to visit our websites and become interested in our products/services that we offer? How do we do this though when so many techniques have been overdone? It is important to be unique and creative now in order to attract free website traffic.

Ways to Get Website Traffic for Free

  1. Create Compelling Content


The number one way to get more website traffic for free is to create compelling content that is interesting to the person who the content is targeted at. Sometimes it works best to think about your content from the outside looking in. Ask yourself some questions like: what do people interested in X want to know? why are people interested in X? Asking yourself these types of questions will give you more insight into what drives someone psychologically to take action and click on something that is presented to them online.

Providing good content works in two ways. It helps to get your site ranked high on search engines, and because most of your free traffic will come from there, it is important to get your sites ranked high. Secondly, providing good content helps to build and brand you as an expert. People then recommend your site to others bringing you more traffic of course.

  1. Join in Forums


Depending on what you are selling, or what your website is offering, there is a forum on the subject somewhere. Search out and find those forums using the search engines. Check them out, see what people are writing about or commenting on. Sign up to these forums for free and start answering questions at first without blatantly advertising your website. Within a short space of time, you will begin to get a reputation in the forum as being an expert. Once you are recognized as an expert, you can then start adding your signature to all your comments. You will be amazed at the amount of traffic this will generate for you. The major benefit is that the traffic visiting your site will be highly targeted and much more likely to opt in to your newsletter, or indeed purchase your product.

  1. Build your Own Mailing List


Set up your own squeeze page or capture page and offer a newsletter full of content in your niche or subject. It is advisable to send all your traffic to your squeeze page and build your own mailing list. When people opt in, give them high-quality content. Make it enjoyable to read and many of your subscribers will then begin to tell their friends about you. This itself will bring you more free traffic.

  1. Link Building

Contact other website owners that have similar products to what you are selling. Ask them if they are interested in swapping or trading links. Most webmasters realize the importance of this and most will agree provided you are not selling the same product. Exchanging links will help to increase your search engine rankings which will in time bring you more free traffic.

  1. Writing Articles and Submit to Article Directories

Writing articles, of course, will bring you a lot of traffic overtime. The most important thing is your articles need to be original and full of quality content giving the reader exactly the information they are looking for. Provided your articles are of a high standard, you will get a lot of free traffic overtime.

You will need to write up as many articles as possible over a short period of time. The more the better basically. Submitting these articles can be done for free also. There are thousands of article directories online where you can sign up for free and submit your article. Make sure you do not submit the same article to all of the article directories as this will be classified as duplicate content and have a negative effect on your search engine ranking. Simply change the article around and make it more than 30% different and then submit it to another directory.

Using the above techniques and spending a little time putting everything in place will help you to start getting targeted traffic to your website for free.

Website traffic isn’t something that we should struggle, or pay high amounts to receive. The high content and well thought out blog posts can organically draw many visitors to your website.

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If you have further questions or have other techniques to get free website traffic, feel free to comment below. Thank you for dropping by.


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