How to Create your Own Website Free With SiteRubix

If you want to make money online, it is necessary to have your own website. So I am here to help you how to create your own website free with SiteRubix. There are many free website builders out there. In fact, I’ve tried a couple of them before but found it somewhat difficult to create a website without the needed help and support. I am so much comfortable with this website builder as all the templates are of WordPress themes.

How Beneficial is WordPress in Creating your Website?

The way how your website is perceived by your customers determines how professional and good looking it is. WordPress gives you all the advantages as it makes your website easily accessible and is the most supported CMS ( Content Management System ) in use today.

WordPress is chosen by many website owners from the beginners to professionals because of its ease of use in setting up and updating your website. In fact, WordPress is now the world’s most used website framework as it is supported with over 1900 different templates and over 10,000 ” add-on ” features.

No more HTML, no code, no need for some programming skills in order to create your own website. Know more about the importance of using WordPress by clicking HERE.

Fast and Easy to Create your Free Website with SiteRubix

Now that you came to know that WordPress is the most popular and most used website platform, how do you create your website fast and easy? On your homepage hover your browser and click the ” Go ” button on Site Builder as shown on the screenshot below.

SiteRubix 04

Here is a step by step tutorial on how to build a free website using the website builder SiteRubix.

Step 1 – What kind of website do you want to build?

In this case, we will build using a Free Website on a Domain. Think of a domain name that is relevant to something you are passionate about or enjoy working with. For example, if your niche ( something you like doing ) is ” Stay Fit and Healthy “, your domain name would be:

Stay fit 01

Step 2 – Name Your Website. 

Your website name would be: Stay Fit and Healthy As a free member, you get 2 free websites and have up to 2 websites with free hosting.

Stay fit 02 Step 3 – Choose a look for your website.

As a free member, you can choose only from 12 awesome website themes and all are pre-installed with 5 of the most powerful plug ins.

Stay fit 03

Step 4 – Build Your Site!

Click the button ” I’m Ready, Build My Website Now “. After a few moments, you will have all the details about your website. Here is a screenshot of how it looks like:

SiteRubix 06

Now you have your website built, of course, there has no content yet. Do you want to know where this website builder is available? You can find here at Wealthy Affiliate with a Free Starter membership.

Free Starter Membership with Free Websites and Free Training

After you have created your own free website, the next thing you will do is to have a training on how to create a quality content for your website.

Within Wealthy Affiliate, we have an up to date training and with a community of successful and expert internet marketers and a 24/7 live help and support, how else could you not be successful?

As a free starter member, you will have access to the free SiteRubix website builder, 2 free WordPress websites to build and 10 free Training Lessons that will teach you how to build an online business in whatever your passion is and how to make money with it.

You can stay as a free member with your free website builder and free websites as long as you want. If you want to take your training to the next level, there is a Premium membership with a monthly payment of $ 47.00. As a Premium member, you can have a full access of the training, live help and support within the community, 25 free websites with free hosting and select from more than 1900 themes for your website framework.

To get you started, you can join through my Wealthy Affiliate Review page. If you want to know the techniques on how to make your website sell, CLICK HERE.

If you have any questions regarding the above topics or anything that needs clarification, feel free to leave your comments below and I will get back to you immediately.

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6 thoughts on “How to Create your Own Website Free With SiteRubix”

  1. Hello Ferdie, thank you for this article giving such a clear explanation on how to create a website. I took up a course to learn how to build a website previously. Although it was a hands on training, I found it difficult to follow as the trainer went slowly in the beginning but was speeding through towards the end and I couldn’t follow. After the course, I couldn’t even continue working on my website. I think this sounds simple enough for me to follow and the free Starter membership is worth giving it a try.

    1. Hello Sue, I have also tried once to build my website using the free website builders out there but it is difficult to build one without the proper training, help and support same as the one provided here in Wealthy Affiliate. No other free website building platform can match SiteRubix.

  2. You have a lot of valuable information here. I have recently built a website using the methods you have outlined here. I must say it has worked out very well thus far. Thank You!

    1. Thanks for dropping by Frank. I have written this article with the purpose of helping the free starter members to have a clearer step-by-step guide on how to create their own website.

  3. It’s true that if you want to make money online you need a website first and then work on it continually and I agree that suterubix website builder is in fact one of the best platforms out there if not the best. And the best part of it is that it’s absolutely free and besides that you get access to first 10 lessons of the main training course, live chat and more than 500 other training modules. You get access to a great community of like-minded people ready to help you whenever you get stuck. That’s why Wealthy Affiliate is different from many other programs and I don’t know any other program that offers so many benefits for free.

    1. Thanks, Rufat. I’ve been to different programs on the internet but mostly what you will learn only is how to promote that certain product or program. Here in Wealthy Affiliate, you are taught how to build a business online, one of which is creating your own website, a knowledge you can use to earn an income by offering your service to others. The knowledge you will have gained here in Wealthy Affiliate is your foundation in your journey to finding success in the online world.

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