How to Choose the Right Keywords for your Website

Doing the right keyword research will save you time and will help your blog or article to rank higher if you know how to choose the right keywords for your website. If you can build a great content around this keyword, you can attract visitors to your blog, and can also rank high on search engines.

What is a keyword

A keyword is a word or group of words used by a blogger or an article writer in creating content for a website. You should know at first what your potential customers or readers are actually searching for. By selecting the right keyword, you can grab people’s attention to read your content.

If you want your website to get traffic from the search engines, you need to make sure your website contains content created around the right keywords. What this means is that you should be using words that your potential audience is already using while looking for similar products or services online.

By creating content around these popular keywords, you are readily giving great value to your website visitors, in return search engines will reward your website with higher rankings which entail traffic increase.

How to search for a keyword using WA keyword tool

The best way to discover these keywords is to use Google’s auto suggested keywords as a base to create content for your website.

However, there are free as well as paid keyword tools you can use to search particular keywords to determine some metrics like the monthly searches for that keyword, the estimated amount of traffic it is getting every month and the number of websites competing for that particular keyword.

Below are the steps to do using the WA Keyword Tool

  1. Go to your WA homepage and click ” Keyword Tool “. ( marked 1 )
  2. After a few seconds, a new page will pop up, enter keywords you like to search in a quote on the box ” Enter some keyword ideas. ” ( marked 2 )
  3. Then click ” Search for Keywords “. ( marked 3 )

WA Keyword Tool Instruction

Here is the result I got from the above keyword search.

keyword result

I want to use the phrase ” how to choose the right keywords for your website “, so I’m going to check the competition.

Keyword competition

From the above result, the competition for this keyword which is also known as the long-tail keyword is low. A phrase that has three to five words is a long-tail keyword. There is a possibility that my article will rank high on search engines if I build my content around this long-tail keyword.

Long tail keywords help you to target the audience who has been looking for your products or services. Once you have the right keywords that produce good results for you, it is important that you use them at the right places with right strategies to ensure SEO success. You just use the keyword in your title, on your first paragraph and on the last part of your blog or article.

Why is a keyword tool important for an online business

Getting a right keyword is very important to driving traffic to your website. If you are serious about driving traffic to your website, you must be well versed in finding the right keyword phrases. For a new website, you just concentrate on long-tail keywords as you have more chances of landing on page 1 of the search engines if the competition is low.

It is better to get even a small amount of traffic from these long-tail keywords than if you use a very competitive keyword and get no traffic at all. Finding the best keyword when writing your content is very important, you really need to think what other people are looking for when searching.

There are tools on the web which assist in finding the right keyword and finding the right types of keywords should probably be your first priority. Every successful internet marketer relies on keyword tools as each one wants to stay on top of the competition.

The best way to select a right keyword is to imagine what exact phrase the author/webmaster might have used to describe your required information.

The relevant keywords that you target will bring the right audience to your website. Showing your ads to people that type relevant keywords would result in higher click-through-rate, lower cost-per-click and higher conversion rates for your business. As a result, you will spend less money on advertising and generate a better return on investment.

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If you have any questions or want to share your experience using a keyword tool, please leave your comments below.

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9 thoughts on “How to Choose the Right Keywords for your Website”

  1. Great information here. I have always heard of how important keywords are to one’s online business but I never had no idea as to how it could determine one’s online business success or failure.

    So apart from the keyword tool you are suggesting, is there any other free keyword tool I could use?

    1. Yes, I’ve also read a number of times the importance of keywords for a blog or an article to be on page 1 of search engines. Being on page 1, and with people searching for information on the internet with the same keywords you use will lead to your blog. They are what we call traffic. And if you are offering something that they might be interested, they might become your customer.

      Aside from the WA keyword research tool which is free to use if you are a Wealthy Affiliate, you can also use the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool. If you sign up for a free account, you can have 30 FREE keyword research that you can use in your blogs.

  2. Hi there! I really didn’t know that choosing the right keywords for your website will help you rank higher in search engines. Actually at first, I just write anything I want on my blog not knowing that there are easier ways on how to rank your articles. By the way, is this keyword tool you are talking about is free? Is it really effective?

    1. Hello John,
      Choosing the right keywords for your website is really important if you want your blog to rank on page 1 of search engines. By doing your keyword research, you’ll determine the monthly searches and the amount of traffic for that keyword.
      However, for a new blog or website, using long tail keyword which has a low competition gives you a better chance to rank on page 1 of search engines. I’m only using the WA keyword tool and Jaaxy Free and most of my blogs using long tail keywords are ranking high on search engines. Thank you for dropping by.

  3. Wow, thanks for your post. I’ve been struggling in searching for the right keywords for my content. I see that WA keyword tool is indeed a good choice to use.

    I have a question, though. If I remember correctly, Google place domain age as a ranking factor. I heard that we need to target low competition keyword (as explained in your post), but if we have a mature site, can we also target a high traffic with a competitive keyword?

    Thanks for your answer.

    1. Yes, you are right. If your website is still new, Google still don’t trust it. However, if you target low competition keywords for your posts/pages and with a quality content, your post/page will get a high rank on search engines.
      If you have a mature site, you can try a competitive keyword and see if you can outrank the authority sites. But for me, it’s better to target low competition keywords, it’s easier to get ranked on search engines.

  4. Thanks for the information about the importance of keywords. But I have a question about the keyword program you’re talking about: how do interpret the other info returned from checking out a keyword phrase such as “DIG”, “PPC Power” and “Article Power”? My time is limited so I’m concerned about how much time it’s going to take me to learn everything I need to know.

  5. Yes I agree to your statement that keywords are very important. The WA keyword tool and Jaaxy is so far the only tools that give you the amount of competition for a specific keyword.

    I found that the longer the keyword the better you will rank. I also found that product related are much easier to rank.

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Viljoen. The success of a blog depends on the right choice of keywords for it to rank higher in search engines. For a new website, the use of long tail keywords is preferable as the competition is lower and creating quality content using these long tail keywords will surely rank your posts/pages on page 1 of search engines.

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