How to Choose a Good Domain Name

Are you planning to build your own online business? If you are new to the online world, one of the requirements if you want to start a blog or build a website for your business is to buy a domain name.

Buying your own domain names can be a big hurdle, in particular when starting out. Everyone wants to make sure their domain is perfect and often times it can lead to a lot of wasted time trying to research and find this illusive domain of brilliance.

How to Choose Your Domain Name.

A good domain is one that is brandable and memorable. You do not need a keyword within your domain name. Many people are fixated on getting a domain name with a keyword in it when in actuality a brandable/memorable domain name is much better.

Avoid creating domain names with dashes in it or a domain name which is very long and hard for users to remember. Some domain names includes a keyword in it. Sure it might help you a litte to rank but that is nominal compared to having a brandable domain name.

Remember, it is the content (pages & posts) on your website that are going to lead to rankings. You can target as many keywords as you like as you start to build out content. A single website can literally get ranked under 10,000’s of keyword phrases in Google (if not far more). If you can find a domain name that has both the “keyword rich” and the “brandable” domain attributes, that is perfectly fine.

What Domain Extension is the Best?

You ideally want to get a .com domain. If it is not available, you can get a .org (2nd best) or a .net, but  typically look until you find a domain that you like that is a .com.

It can be attracting to buy one of the new top level domains like .rocks or .money, but these domains are highly unproven in terms of search rankings and you might be fighting an uphill battle to get rankings in Google and other search engines.

.com domains rank the best!

Where to search for and buy a domain name?

I bought my domain names at Namecheap is a reliable registrar of domains. There are no upsells, what theyNamecheap banner promise is what you get.

Namecheap is at the moment the best company to register a domain. No hidden fees, free privacy for a year, so fair price, trustworthiness, consistency and they really give great technical support. They also have a very good domain search as well right on their homepage.

They tend to be very quick when updating your DNS settings which is a requirement to host your domains here at WA. Basically this is the process of telling your domain registrar where your hosting is.

Don’t Let Choosing a Domain Consume You

A domain is the start of your website, the seed if you will. Over the course of your career online, you will likely have many different domain names and likely some domain names that you never end up using if you like to hoard them.

Choose a domain that first of all you like. Don’t worry about it being perfect. There are just a few things you need to follow here:

Domain should be brandable – this basically means you like it.

You should choose a .com domain with no “-” in it.

Buy it from a reputable registrar like

If you have further questions about domain names, feel free to leave your comments below and I’ll get back to you soon. Thank you for dropping by.


One thought on “How to Choose a Good Domain Name

  1. The question of how to choose the perfect domain name is really very important and relevant yesterday, today and tomorrow. What to do, how to choose – this question has already been answered. Enough information for the novice and the guru. But there are small details that simply missed. I want to share my experience with You to help You avoid mistakes when choosing a domain name.
    Experience, with the right choice of domain I bought in 2012 when I built my first website. At the time, I did not know about the importance of the issue and yet, I was lucky, I came up with a great domain name but realized it after a while.
    So, here are my recommendations.
    First: Relevant today, tomorrow loses its relevance. It is necessary to consider the moment You choose a domain name. Your domain should be universal. Universal domain, this is when You can easily change the direction of the resource to provide services, sell products, etc.
    Second, You came up with the name, then, write the name in the search bar of your browser and hit “search” if the search does not find a match – Your name is unique, which is very positive for the promotion of Your site.
    Only two, in my opinion, important, additional recommendations. I hope they will be useful.

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