Global Ad Share – My Latest Updated Review

Product Name: Global Ad ShareGlobal Ad Share
Price: Free and $ 15/month for Premium Member
Owner: Asher Winata
Overall Ranking: 50/100

Product Overview

Global Ad Share ( GAS ) is an advertising platform launched in September 2013 with lucrative affiliate program that combines a revenue sharing, conventional, forced and reverse matrix and a cycler system all in one place. Unlike other programs, they own 100% of their source code, have a team of programmers working round the clock to ensure their program is running smoothly.

How is it Sustainable?

First of all, their profit-share algorithm is adjustable, and depends on company sales. Global Ad share understands that sales will go up and down, and their algorithm reflects this. With their system, there is no preset time, frequency, amount, or percentage for profit sharing. It varies throughout the day depending on the number of sales ( upgrades and purchases ).

An upgraded member earns an income either as commissions from sales or commissions from the results of sharing the services with others.

From sales commissions / profit sharing, 100% of profits from the sales are shared with the members. This comes from the sales of Ad packs and upgrades.

They also earn from a combination of different matrixes – conventional, forced and reverse – to keep new earners the ability to earn quickly. Also, members earn from the matrix and cycler system even after the Ad packs have expired.

This allows you to also earn money from your entire downlines and not just from your personally-sponsored affiliates.

Also, they offer handsome recruiting bonuses to the sponsors that recruit well. Every member will receive $ 1 sponsor bonus instantly in their account when he/she personally sponsored an upgraded member plus $ 0.50 commission from the main matrix ( and $ 0.50 every month from every member in the main matrix when they make their subscription payments ).

Every member will also earn from the cash pool bonus. $ 1 from every purchase ( and upgrade ) goes to a cash pool. When the amount in the pool reach $ 50, $ 2 will be awarded randomly to 25 members ( 20 members with $ 0 balance and 5 members with less than $ 15 in their account balance ).

Finally, they implemented a 75% – 25% repurchase rule that disable people from pulling out all of their earnings… only 75% of it.

This forces people to continue repurchasing Ad packs which keeps the company affiliates earning money for the long haul.

How much does it cost to join Global Ad Share?

Upgrade costs $ 15 ( monthly subscription ). 

With your upgrade subscription, you will receive: $ 10 standard ad pack that will expire after returning 150% profit ( or $ 15 ), one position in the main matrix, one position in the reverse matrix, and a new position in the U cycler ( every month ) where you will earn commissions and bonuses over and over again, even long after your Ad Packs have expired, and 5,000 credits.

There are different Ad Packs that people can buy if they want to earn more:

1.) Additional Standard Ad Packs cost $ 10 each. 

$ 10 Standard Ad pack that will expire after returning 150% profit ( or $ 15 ), one position in the P cycler where you will earn commissions and bonuses over and over again even long after your Ad Packs have expired and 2,000 credits.

2.) Premium Ad Packs cost $ 20 each. 

$ 20 Premium Ad pack that will expire after returning 150% profit ( or $ 30 ), one position in theP cycler and 2,000 credits.

3.) 2×2 Ad Packs cost $ 12 each. 

$ 12 2×2 Ad pack that will expire after returning 150% profit ( or $ 18 ), one position in the P2x2 cycler and 3,000 credits.

4.) Mini Ad Packs cost $ 5 each ( also available to Free members ).

$ 5 Mini Ad pack that will expire after returning 150% profit ( or $ 7.50 ), one position in the mini cycler that pays $ 20 and $ 15 upon cycling and 500 credits.

5.) Turbo Ad Packs cost $ 10 each.

$ 10 Turbo Ad pack that will expire after returning 150% profit ( or $ 15 ), one position in the Turbo cycler and 2,000 credits.

6.) Mega Ad Packs cost $ 10 each.

$ 10 Mega Ad pack that will expire after returning 150% profit ( or $ 15 ), one position in the Mega cycler and 4,000 credits.

7.) Express Ad packs cost $ 8 each.

$ 8 Express Ad pack that will expire after returning 150% profit ( or $ 12 ), one position in the Express cycler and 5,000 credits.

8.) Birthday Cyclers cost $ 10 each ( this is a cycler, not an ad pack ).

One position in the birthday cycler and 10,000 credits.

9.) Platinum Cyclers cost $ 10 each ( This is a cycler, not an ad pack, and you must use a payment processor or your main wallet to purchase positions ).

One position in the Platinum cycler and 1,000 credits.

10.) Hybrid Cyclers cost $ 5 each.

One position in the hybrid cycler, upon completion, it will create a $ 3 Hybrid ( profit sharing ) ad pack for additional income and 5,000 credits.

Positive and Negative Aspects of GAS


1.) You will earn from the profit sharing as long as you have at least one active ad pack.

2.) You can earn without sponsoring anyone.

3.) You will still earn from your active ad packs and the cyclers without maintaining monthly subscription.

4.) You don’t have to login each day to earn.


1.) If you don’t have a subscription, you will be removed from the main matrix and lose any downline you may have.

2.) Payment of withdrawal is delayed, takes almost one month.

3.) Lower commission from ad packs.

4.) Commission from ad packs now on a weekly basis.Global ad share 02

Global Ad Share – Before and After

In the first few months, the ad packs bought by members earned commissions 2 or 3 times a day. Because of great advertising, more people joined the program and reading from their testimonials they really earned and bought more ad packs to increase their earning potential. The commission earned for each ad pack before was $ 0.06 and you can make a withdrawal request and received your payment within one week.Gobal ad share 03

It was last week of August 2014 that I joined Global Ad Share and started with three ad packs. At that time, commission from ad pack was already on a daily basis and it was $ 0.06 per ad pack. I bought additional ad packs and with my earnings from my ad packs, I still bought with ad packs until I have 51 ad packs. Part of my earnings were used to pay for my monthly subscription.

Then on September 2014, commission for each ad pack goes down to $ 0.05 after its one- year anniversary online. Again on October 2014, it went down to $ 0.04/ad pack.

The problem on  delayed withdrawal payment occurred on the month of November 2014. It took three weeks before a withdrawal was processed. Then commission from ad packs were credited twice a week.

After they made some updates on the website after being offline for a number of days, things became worse. Payment of withdrawals now takes almost a month and commission from each ad pack is already once a week.


Based from the latest happenings, the site is going in the wrong direction. If the situation continues to remain the same, one of these days Global Ad Share may become another scam or something like that.

I’ve tried other revenue sharing programs before and what I can say from my experience is that these type of programs are only good in the first few months. One reason why this type of program as what the other programs that followed did not become successful, is that the members main objective is to join the program in its launching stage.

Then the moment they earn or cycle, they quickly make withdrawal request to recoup their investment. They don’t make any repurchase of what is offered in the program. Usually the ones who entered first are the ones who make profits. The members who join late may not recoup the amount they invested as the program might scam if the input is lesser than the output.

If you really want to earn money online not joining one program to another, read my no.1 recommended program. You will learn step-by-step on how to build an online business with the live help and support within a community of expert internet marketers.

Summarized Overview

Name: Global Ad Share
Price: Free; $15/month for Premium member
Owner: Asher Winata
Overall Ranking: 50/100

If you have any questions or comments or would like to add your own feedback based on your experience withGlobal Ad Share, feel free to leave your comments below and I will attend to your comments immediately. Thanks for dropping by.



6 thoughts on “Global Ad Share – My Latest Updated Review”

  1. Hmmm, I’ve had experiences with many other sites like this – they all end up in the same place as far as I can see ( unable to pay their members! ). Thanks for this review – really closed things up for me. Tell me, are you still a member of this site or did you quit after writing the review?

    1. Thanks for dropping by, John. I’m still a member with the programs I have done reviews within Wealthy Affiliate although I’m no longer active. It’s up to them if they will block my accounts, just giving my honest reviews based on my experiences with these programs.

  2. Forgive me if I misunderstood, but it seems to me that this has somewhat the nature of multi-level marketing. Is that a fair assessment? There are good MLM programs out there, but it’s something you have to be very careful with.

    1. Hello Paul, thanks for stopping by. This is a Hybrid program, you earn by buying more ad packs. I made reviews of programs I’ve been a member with and based on my experiences with these programs.

  3. There are indeed so many online businesses, some good and some not so good. And Global Ad Share happens to fall to the category of so so online business. If I were looking for something good, reliable and that could make me quit my Job, what would you recommend?

    1. Yes, it’s true Nnamdi. There are so many programs now coming out every day and it’s hard to differentiate which ones are legit and which ones are scams. If you can try it first for free, then it might be a legitimate program. As I have experiences with some of the programs like HYIPs, Hybrids, PTCs and MLMs, I could not recommend you to join such programs. My only recommended program now is Wealthy Affiliate, the knowledge you will gain here will be your foundation to be successful online.

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