18 thoughts on “FB Money Club – Make Money with your Facebook Account”

    1. As long as your facebook ads manager is working fine, you are qualified. Unfortunately, they’re only accepting US residents due to a large number of applicants. Maybe in the future, it will be opened again for international applicants as what they did last July.

  1. Hey i already submiited the form and gave them my teamviewer id and password so should i just leave this teamviewer open up or can i close it? And btw i am still waiting for their feedback.

    1. Are you residing in the US? They have stopped again accepting international applicants but wait until they contact you. Add them in Skype and send them a message. This is their Skype id – osm.accounts. You can close your teamviewer but must be ready when they ask for your teamviewer password when they will set up your account. They work from 10AM – 5PM EST so be sure you’re online in Skype and your Teamviewer is on.

      1. Hi, may i know when they were stopped accepted international applicants because i saw the guy from my place’s post that he doing it a few days ago and he actually got the first payment of the week??Btw im not residing in the US..

  2. Hello! I’m from Ukraine. I I have few working real personal accounts and few public pages and I would like to work with you. Is it possible. Thanks

  3. Hi

    I’m Noli from Philippines. I would like to know if fb accounts from philippines is eligible to join in your program. Thanks and more power

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