Avoid Scams Online

Many businesses of different categories are being advertised now on the internet. We don’t know which of these are legitimate and which are not. Some online businesses tend to look professional but later on turned out to be aMelissa Johnson 09 scammer. Most of these are on the make money online, work from home, and online business opportunities categories.

If you are one of those people looking for ways to earn money online, this page is for you to read. I have worked out some ways to determine if a certain product or program is a scam or not. When I do product or program reviews on my site, I will be basing it on these factors.

How to Spot Scams Online

1.) Do they require you to pay money upfront? Once a program requires you any sort of upfront payment, it is almost always a scam. Most of them claim that it is for the cost of the training, software, etc. They’re just lies. A legitimate program has an option to try it first before you buy.

2.) Do they promise that you will become rich overnight? Have you ever visited a website promising you that you earn thousands of dollars within a number of days upon joining and after buying the product? Be wary of this as it is an absolute scam.

3.) Limited time or scarcity tactics to compel you to sign up or pay. Have you seen a video about a program or product showing you that only a few slots or amount are still available for a special price? Or a Melissa Johnson 05countdown clock or timer telling you how many days, hours, or minutes left to take advantage of the offer?

The purpose of this tactic is mainly… to get you to join or pay ASAP. If you come across from this tactics… RUN AWAY!!! Stay away from as they are mostly scams.

4.) No transparency of how they make money or can’t tell you what you will be doing to earn money. If you happen to visit a website that don’t give information on how do they make money before you pay or ask for your name and email address, there’s an indication that you encounter more lies ahead once you join.

There are only two different ways that websites can make money from you: independently of you or dependent on you. Websites making money independently of you don’t need you to succeed for them to succeed. On the other hand, websites making money dependently on you need you to succeed in order for them to succeed.

A website dependent on you for their own well-being is much less likely to be a scam since they cannot survive if you don,t make money. They will have more incentive to help you make money, rather than hurt you.

5.) Exit popups offering a discount when you try to leave the site. When you try to leave a website and an exit popup shows up offering you a discount and every time you try to close the page, the offer is reduced until itMelissa Johnson 08 reached only $ 1. This is one way of attempting you to change your mind but beware. Even if they do get you to join at a lower price, they will try to make even more money out of you once you join.

6.) No Contact Information on their Website. If an online business opportunity doesn’t have any information like who the owners are, or any telephone number or email address you can make contact with, expect it that they have something to hide.

Although during the early days of their operation everything seems normal, you cannot predict when they’re going to scam people. It just happens abruptly. The early signs of a scamming site is when they introduce some changes in their programs. So be aware of these if you happen to join one.

7.) Offering upsells constantly. If you joined a program then bought a product worth $ 7, then after a certain period of time, they will offer you again another product at a higher price and trying to impress you that buying the product will enable you to increase your profit to the next level.

Until such time that you’ve already spent 1000’s of dollars buying products after products only to realize that you spent more on these products but only earned a minimal amount. There are many products out here patterned with these type of online scams. I recommend products that you can try before you buy like Wealthy Affiliate.

8.) Fake Testimonials / Pictures. Don’t believe in these product sales pages showing you pictures of expensive cars, big mansions, or testimonials from let’s say individuals making 1000’s of dollars joining a certain program. They’re all just for promoting a product which is a complete scam.

Here are my tips for you before joining a program or buying a product.

1.) Always search for reviews of a certain website or program before you decide to join in. Search ” < name of scam > scam ” in Google to see negative review.

2.) Download the WOT ( Web of Trust ) tool to check the reputation of websites before committing any money or information to them.

You can read my FULL Wealthy Affiliate Review here.


2 thoughts on “Avoid Scams Online”

  1. Great Advice on avoiding scams. I have almost been hooked a time or two on offers that had my seeing $$ instead of the warning sides. This will help people be more aware of opportunities they may find.


  2. Thanks for dropping by, John. We need to help people out there by giving them the needed information so as not to be victimized by scammers.

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