Autopilot Profits Review – Is it a Scam?

Product Name: Autopilot Profitsautopilot profits
Website URL:
Price: $ 37
Creator: Ewen Chia
Overall Rating: 20/100
Verdict: Not Recommended

Autopilot Profits, a product created by Ewen Chia, offers to teach you how to earn unlimited income using autopilot machines that can earn $ 3,460.25 in 24 hours. Aside from that, the sales page says you can earn money before you go to sleep tonight. Let’s find out if Autopilot Profits earns you some profits or just another scammy product.

Autopilot Profits Overview

Autopilot Profits is a product being promoted on Clickbank as ” Autopilot Profits 2015 ” and it’s not a new product. Autopilot Profits has been available since 2007, created by Ewen Chia, a marketer based in Singapore and has been successful making money online and his course promises to show you how he does it.

The Autopilot Profits course consists of a 59 page PDF along with some tutorial videos. According to the sales page, this will provide everything you need to start making money using the virtual ATM that spit out cash.

This virtual ATM replenishes your bank account every single night as you sleep, easily funding any wild purchase you could imagine during the day. An online ATM machine is a nonstop, perfectly automated income stream that flows right into your bank account without needing to watch it, manage it, tweak it or even think about it.

autopilot profits

How are you going to do it?

You just spend 30 minutes to create an online ATM machine that pays you every day of your life. You set it up once and forget it because the money is going to pour in while you sleep.

With this system, you won’t need a product, won’t need a website, won’t need a domain name – unless you want one and won’t need a hosting account.

And how about the traffic? As with any online business, traffic is very important in order for it to be successful. With this program, traffic will come hands-free. They have a unique and somewhat mysterious traffic source. That will allow you to turn on all the free traffic you could ever want like a faucet.

Then all you need to do is aim that traffic flow to your money pages and you have an ATM online.
Included is a done for you squeeze page that converts your traffic into red hot leads as high as 90% of the time.
It is a done for you system that requires almost no set-up and you can have it up and running in 5 minutes.

autopilot profits ATM

What other benefits you get from this product

Ewen Chia will teach you long-term wealth strategies. An already built web business that grows in value – something that you can sell at huge profits.

With the product priced at $ 37, it would seem like a pretty good deal and might learn something that you can use in any other online business.

What are the negative aspects of this product

If you agree to buy Autopilot Profits, there are upsells that will be pushed on you. These will include a traffic generation package, an automated Website builder and a couple of other really expensive products that won’t help you much. These upsells are priced at $ 795, so $ 37 is not the only investment that would give you everything you needed to earn unlimited cash.

My Final Thoughts on Autopilot Profits

The basic Autopilot Profits course isn’t bad at all, fairly priced at $ 37. But the endless upsells make this product to be avoided. And as the upsells suggest, Autopilot Profits isn’t really how Ewen Chia is making his money. He’s making his money by offering a bunch of really expensive products on the back end of his low $ 37 product.

What’s more disgusting is the fifth upsell. It is an offer to talk to you in joining MOBE ( My Online Business Education ), a very expensive pyramid scheme designed as an Internet marketing course. You can join MOBE for $ 47 and you’ve been told that you can earn commissions as high as $ 10,000. But in order to earn that commission of $ 10,000, you must invest nearly $ 40,000 in the program.

Many internet marketers had been enticed to join MOBE because of the high commission but only to lose money. The ones who benefited are the Internet Gurus who seem to have connived with each other.

Still there are a number of people who are attracted with these get rich quick schemes. Why don’t they just invest in something that can help them to be successful online?

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Have you tried this Autopilot Profits course? If so and if you want to share your experience with this product, feel free to comment below. Thank you for dropping by.


4 thoughts on “Autopilot Profits Review – Is it a Scam?”

  1. Love the title of this site by the way! I have come across autopilot profits on more than one occasion but reviewers seem to blow hot and cold on the subject! I’ve also come across the name of Ewen Chia and people seem to be on the fence about that as well! Great to have a proper review out there for once, pointing ou that this is not recommended!

    1. This is an upgraded version of previous Autopilot Profits courses that promises you to make money online without doing any hard work. It is a product created by Ewen Chia and promoted on Clickbank. We all know that making money online is not that easy as it was promoted on sales pages of different programs just like this Autopilot Profits. The one making profits on autopilot is Ewen Chia as he is making money from the sales of his products but not for the buyers of his product.

  2. Lots of good information here. I really like your review of Auto Pilots Profit. It certainly does look like a scam to me. As a WA subscriber I was very interested in your review of Wealthy Affiliate. Whenever you have to put forth the effort to make something happen as in WA, it most likely is not a scam. Thanks for all the help.

    1. Hello Thurman,
      This is a scam and if you joined the program, Ewen Chia keeps on pushing for upsells for more profits to him. This is like an ATM machine for him if people will buy into his program but not for the people who fell victims into this kind of scam. Thanks for stopping by.

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