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Hi, my name is Ferdie and I am the founder of Revenge of the Scammed. Looking at thefma 1 title of my website makes you think maybe I was once a victim of scammers.

Well, that is true. I was a newbie then with these make money online schemes that proliferated the internet. As my knowledge before was still limited regarding these online opportunities, I tried to join almost every program that I came across with only to lose in the end.

I have tried to join HYIPs, Hybrid, MLM and other make money online programs. I’ve lost a lot of money joining these get rich quick programs. Later on, I came to know how these programs are operated, some of the signs that they are about to scam people’s money.

How these get rich quick schemes have affected me

These bad events that I’ve encountered didn’t stop me in my search of a way to build an online business. Instead of spending money joining one program to another, I thought of investing in a program where I can gain knowledge of building my own online business.

As I am in the process of developing my online business, I remembered these online scams that I’ve gone through,  and so other people in search of online business opportunities must be warned.

So, I created this site to help people especially the newbies by giving them much-needed information on ways how to build an online business and avoid these scams proliferating the internet.

I will be giving reviews of the different online business opportunities for people to decide if it is good for them or not.

Again, I am Ferdie and glad to meet you. Feel free to contact me if ever you need anything. Leave a comment below or you can always get in touch with me via Wealthy Affiliate ( here is my link to my profile ).

Thank you for dropping by.



  • Founder of Revenge of the Scammed
  • revengeofthescammed.com
  • email. ferdie@revengeofthescammed.com


2 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hello, Ferdie. I wanted to mention that I absolutely love the title of your website. It sounds like a movie title. Good one. I wish I thought of something like that.

    1. Hello, Milla! Thank you for your inspiring comment. I just thought of those words based on my experience with ” get rich quick ” schemes that I’ve tried before. If you have not yet think of a name for your website just let me know. Maybe I could offer you some help.

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