7 Ways to Generate Leads Using Blog/Website

We have always been hearing from successful marketers that the best way to generate leads is to produce quality content. TheCall to Action content will generate shares in social media and attract visitors. It will generate backlinks and engagement.

Online marketers are always doing their best, using keywords that ranks their blogs/articles on page 1 of Google. But in their content creation haste, they forget one thing: actually generating leads from the blogs/articles they write. Considering that a marketer’s goal in writing is to generate leads, this is rather unfortunate.

Here are the useful tips to generate leads.

1. Write useful content.

Content that creates leads is content that fosters confidence in buyers and give prospects a taste of success. Content needs to empower the reader. It needs to teach them how to do something. It needs to solve a problem for the reader or improve their situation in some way.

Before you write a blog, you consider if it has something that teach your audience, some information that teach them how to make more money, or if it solves a problem for your audience.

2. Write a lot of useful content.

If you want to attract more organic traffic and then generate leads from that content, you have to write regularly and consistently for an extended period of time.

For a new blog or website, creating content is important. As much as possible, post a blog or an article at least once a day. But always think of quality rather than quantity in creating contents for your blog or website.

As your posts continue to increase, you will notice that your traffic will also increase over time as long as you have great contents that will eventually rank on page 1 of search engines.

3. Include Call to Action on every blog post.

At the end of the article, just tell people what to do. Put your capture page, opt-in page and tell them to click. Offer some free stuff, anything of value to the reader – free ebook, training bootcamp, video series, etc.

4. Sidebar opt-in form on the right/left side.

You can actually put a form, with a very short ad copy, and space for the person to put their name. In the article, you can actually tell them to pot in.

5. Top header.

At the very top, some bloggers put buttons like ” home “, ” contact me “, ” make money online ” – here you can also put a button which leads to your capture page. For example, ” Free ABC Training ” – the person would click this and this button would take them to the capture page.

6. Banner Ads.

Banner ads are like the monsters in the world of marketing and advertising. Put attractive and compelling banners, inside the article, outside the article, everywhere you can think of. Don’t make your blog look spammy by putting the banners everywhere, 1 -2 places is ok.

WA banner o1

7. Exit gate.

When the viewer leaves your blog, this exit gate can pop up and say something like ” 3 easy ways to make money online ” or something, depending on your niche/market. This is really effective. If your content is good, people are more likely to opt-in.

My Final Thoughts

Blogging to generate leads is a very tasking job. It is time-consuming, takes creativity and requires patience.

Even if you follow the above steps with precision, your blog still probably won’t generate leads for 1 – 3 months. But, slowly that will change. Eventually, you’ll notice a trickle of leads. You’ll notice an occasional click on your CTA button. You’ll be able to track traffic, leads and eventually customers from your blog.

And if you really want to learn how to properly blog, please check my no. 1 recommended program where you will have a complete training.

If you have some additional ideas that you wish to be included or want to share, feel free to comment below.

Thank you for stopping.


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