5K Formula System Review – Is it a scam or legit?

Product Name: 5K Formula System
Website URL: 5KFormula.com
CEO: Matthew Neer
Price: $5.95 + upsells
Verdict: Not Recommended

5K Formula System Overview

5K Formula System is a complete online business system that will help any marketer dramatically increase their sales and profit potential through the power of product creation and show you exactly how to make money online with high convertting sales funnel system that converts targetted Internet traffic, into cold hard cash, over and over again. The 5K Formula System course shows you how to reach more potential clients and to increase customer interaction which causes a huge jump in customer loyalty.

5K Formula System approach is great for both newbies and experienced marketers  that want to make the jump to Make Money With Great Sales Funnel .

5K Formula System allows Internet marketers and newbies to create a passive income with Digital Product Fast and Easy!

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What is the 5K Formula?

The 5K Formula is designed to help you build your own sales funnel in a step by step, click by click fashion. Matthew claims to have been beta testing this offer with a small group of customers and students and claims they are absolutely loving the system.

The main focus of 5K Formula System System is to teach you how you can make money through affiliate marketing by using the power of 5K Formula System Secrets. You do not have to be in the business district just to be able to set up your own internet marketing business. 5K Formula System will teach you how to establish your online marketing business and how you can get clients.

With 5K Formula System, you will know how to get clients, businesses and other establishments to provide them with internet marketing services. You will be the one to operate their mobile ads. This way, you can make money even if you are not within the business district.

In addition to the latest internet marketing information, you will also gain access to some really cool software that will help you immensely.

5K Formula System

5 Easy to Follow Steps For You to Earn in 5K Formula

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Connect your Commission Link.
  3. Select your Traffic Source.
  4. Point Traffic Source to your Commission Link
  5. Sit Back, Relax, and Make Commissions

What I Like

The sales page claims that you can make money without doing all of the grunt work. The system is designed to automate the process so that you just send traffic and Matthew’s system sends you your commissions.

It’s no secret that one of the most powerful tools online for earning money is a well crafted sales funnel. But the problem with this is if you are not a computer programmer, you will likely never be able to setup one successfully and make money with it.

What I Don’t Like

I like the idea of done-for-you funnels like the 5K formula. But I don’t like it when they have pre-done emails like the following, which obviously aren’t true.

I just got an exclusive new invite to
beta test this money making software.

It works unlike anything else on the
marketplace, I have already made
about $5,000 dollars just testing it.

Final Thoughts on 5K Formula

This 5K Formula System which is a ” Done for you System ” is similar to other products which turned out to be scams. A ” Done for you System ” is usually a product by scam artists. Matthew Neer was also the creator of the Fan Page Cashflow that was also a scam product.

We all know that building an online business requires time and effort in order to be successful. The creators of these ” Done for you Systems ” are only the ones earning money through the sale of these scammy products and the upsells.

Before joining a program or buying a product, make a thorough research if it is legitimate.

If you really want to learn how to build an online business like being an affiliate marketer, read about my No. 1 Recommended Program HERE.

Have you bought this 5K Formula System? Did you earn 5K as what had been promoted? If you have any questions, feel free to leave your comments below. Thank you for stopping by.


1 thought on “5K Formula System Review – Is it a scam or legit?”

  1. I wouldn’t trust any product that Matthew Neer is associated with. I purchased his “Niche Moolah” program. The program was to supply a monthly product niche that included complete niche research with domain suggestions, keywords, banners, etc. After the first month he did not deliver ANY additional niches, but continued to collect everyone’s monthly payment. After being ignored, by Neer, for months, I have secured legal counsel to pursue collections. My suggestion would be to stay far away from any product that Matthew Neer is associated with.

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