12 Secrets to Website Success Revealed

Have you set up your website for your online business? Are you ready to have your existing website redesigned because you are unhappy with the way it looks or performs? You are doing everything just to make your website successful.

As we all know more and more businesses and consumers research and make purchases online, a successful website is critical to the success of your business. What can you do to make your website successful? How can you build a successful website on a small budget? Let’s find out below.

What are these 12 secrets to website success

1. Have specific goals for your website. The goals for your website would be the specific things you want your website to accomplish. For instance, those goals might be getting customers to make a purchase online with a credit card.

2. Know your customer or site visitors and what they want to get out of your site. Websites can do so many different things for different types of businesses.

3. Have pages dedicated to specific items or subjects the customer or site visitor is looking for.

4. Don’t make the home page of your site a ” flash ” animation. Web visitors routinely skip those animations ( or  just leave ) because they aren’t interested in pretty graphics. They want facts. If you’re going to use flash to demonstrate your product ( or a video ) let people choose to view it, don’t force them to.

5. Make it easy for visitors to find what they want. Use a simple navigation structure and if you absolutely must use drop down menus, make sure visitors can actually click on the links without the drop down rolling up before the person hits the link they want.

6. If you’re selling products, have category pages plus individual pages for each type of product. For example, if you are selling electronic gadgets, have one page for cellphones with links to an individual page for different brands of cellphones.

7. Pay attention to search engine optimization ( SEO ) in setting up pages. The more closely the page title, page description, and keywords match what someone would search for, the more likely they’ll find the website, and the more likely they’ll buy whatever product is advertised on the page. Search engine optimization has to do with the actual words you put in the title of your webpages, the keywords and descriptions search engines see, and in the headlines on the page, in the body of the text and in the descriptions for images.

8. Have a means for legally and ethically capturing visitors’ email addresses so you can contact them in the future.

9. Plan to advertise and market your site on an ongoing basis through all methods available to you. You can advertise through social media platforms and if you have the financial resource, use PPC advertising.

10. Track and measure traffic, bounce rates, sales conversions and progress. Open a google analytics account to track performance of your website.

11. Ask for feedback from site visitors. This will be your basis on how to improve your website to better serve your customers.

12. Stay in contact with site visitors ( those who gave you their email addresses ) on a regular basis so they remember to come back to your site.

My final thoughts

If you want your business to flourish you must have a website to reach more customers. As most businesses now take their advertising to the next level by having their websites, you must have also a professional looking website.

It’s no longer like in the early years of the internet that as long as you have a website, you’re already ahead against your competitors who don’t have a website. Now with millions of websites on the web, more businesses competing with each other, each one tries to have a professional looking website with all the needed features to make it successful.

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